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Popped down to the coach and horses in Dronfield (Derbyshire or is it south Yorkshire pub of the year?) and low and behold Epic halcyon...now usualy i reserve the capital letters for twisted hop IPA but man this beer is awesome! Sunday afternoon sitting outside had 2 pints and then a pint of alecost and then a pint of Julius....retired to my boss's place for a Westy 12 and then a brewdog rake raspberry imperial stout and a bottle of lost abbey devotion....fantastic beers....talk about struggle in the morning though....it was a long day at work!

Oh and yes that is a cheese cutter, i'm in Derbyshire and fully integrated!

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Looks a lot clearer than the one we had me Kempicus!!

Would love to have joined you for a couple... it was such a teasing sample we got on this side of the world (but a great night).


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