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We spoke about creating a discussion so people who have or people who are thinking about and/or building can share pic's info and pitfalls to avoid.

Just about finished building my bench and hopefully will have a chance to start wiring it up this weekend. Pics to follow shortly.

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I'm searching but I can't find the place I got mine from.

It was a simple online service, you type in what you want, select the size, and receive them in the mail a couple of weeks later. So easy!

In hindsight it may have been from the supplier recommended by TheElectricBrewery.com - http://www.signsbannerstags.ca/electrical_panel_tags.php

nice one. thanks Barry. just checking you hadn't found someone local.

Yeah I can't be 100% sure, can't find any trace of a paper trail. My memory is shocking but I seem to recall receiving them from Canada so I must've just gone with the one Kal recommends. 

I used Kentergraph Engravers who are based in Akld and they were superb - exactly what I had hoped for.  Their email is kentergraph@vodafone.co.nz and website is http://www.kentergraph.co.nz

Hope that helps.

Hey guys, sorry to keep the thread going....new to the forum but have been in and out over the last few years while me and my brother in law have been making our way from partial mash to allgrain. Currently have a pretty average system with 35L pot heated with a 2500W element and a chilly bin for MLT, but only hit around 65% brew efficiency and we are wanting to step our brews consistency up. So we have decided to go all out and build an electric HERMS rig. Brother inlaws an industrial sparky, my mates a plumber/fitter welder and I basically just spend too much money so we should be alright to build it. I have spent alot of time researching over the years for the right system and have come up with a single tier, 2 pump, 70L pot capacity, fully welded ports, heated with 2x5500W elements linked to PID controllers which turn on pumps & elements. already have the pumps from two welders which we currently use to Lauter and pump wort

From what I have seen Spike brewings system is the one that caught my eye in terms of design and simplicity, so I have based what I think i will need from that. I have attached images which show the basic design.

Few things which I am still getting my head around:


70/75L pots, I dont really want to spend a fortune and get Blichmann  or SS brewtech pots, I noticed Brewshop have 75L pots for $200 with welded ports for ball valve and thermometer, anyone have any experience with these. Stumbled upon Cheeky Peak brewery in Aussie and they have pots (same as SSbrewtech, Nano brewing-https://cheekypeakbrewery.com.au/70ltr-nano-brewery-304ss-brew-kett...) which look epic and can bring into NZ aswell as cheap stainless for about $260AUS a pot +GST . unsure if its worth the extra dollars but if I get cheaper stainless then it might work out. Thoughts? Anyone dealt with a a large import and been hit with TAX?


Ball valves/couplers/hex nipples etc. anyone have any good Aliexpress or ebay ones that they would recommend. Cheeky Peak have 316 3 piece ball valves for $20NZD which i thought was pretty good and fittings seem a good price. 


Herms coil, hard to get in NZ but have found this on EBAY, thoughts? 



PT100 probes, anyone have a good website too buy these?


Our current housing for our 2500W elements is a pain in the ass and hard to clean. One of the guys on the forum mention still dragons element guard which looks amazing, any other opinions?


Design: thoughts on my design? you guys have been brewing electric for awhile and wished you had done things a little differently what would they be?

Cheers guys



Hi Nathan. I can assist with some of these...

1. There is a place in Auckland, Mt Albert on New North Road just down from Pak n Save called Pan (something). Asian place that has a lot of SS pots that are pretty cheap. I also know a guy who might be selling 3 x 75 or 100l pots he got from there as part of his build that he ended up aborting. Can put you in touch.

You will get hit on tax on importing and it is not just on the balance over the free threshold, it is on the total price including shipping costs.

2. I used these guys

3. Talk to Brewers Coop in Penrose, AKL. They have a couple of 50' SS Herms Coils. A guy bought them in from China - 1 for him, 1 for me and Brewers Coop have the other two.

4. I got mine from Auber Ins

5. Sorry, can't hep here

6. You will want a sight glass on your Mash Tun (your pic says there won't be one). You need it to be able to keep a 1" water level over the grain bed during your 60 min mash. I find I have to tinker with the ball valves several times during the mash to keep the level and rely on a bulldog clip on the sight glass for my target.

Also, instead of welding, consider The Electric Brewery approach.

Have fun building your rig and as others have said to me (in this forum), plan your end result before you start. Which you seem to be doing, so enjoy!


Thanks Norrii,

Appreciate the quick response, there are cheap pots on trademe (probably similar to the ones you mention at the asian place) but from what I have read they are on the cheap side. Maybe they would be fine? I figured if I have to pay alittle more for better gear that would last me longer might aswell do it now.

How have you found the ball valves? Did you have to pay for shipping?

Have emailed brewers Coop thanks man!

In regards to the sightglass on the MLT I figured Beersmith gives me a water/grain ratio that would keep me with atleast 1" above the grain bed? I guess when fly sparging though you will be able to check that the flow from MLT to BK is the same from BK to MLT. Interesting, Might be worth it for that alone

I had a look at weldless bulkheads but just find even with the bulkhead we have on our boil kettle it is a pain to remove easily for cleaning. And my mate is a mint welder so would be sanitary welds.

Thanks heaps!

Hey Chig,

Thanks for the reply, and tips. 

Did you weld ports onto the pots or just use weldless bulkheads?

Great to hear about the still dragon housing, seems like a worthwhile investment.

Where did you get your RTD probes from?



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