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Effect of leaving hops sitting in cooled wort for a while?

Hi all,

So yesterday I did a brew but by the time the boil was finished and I'd cooled it, I had to get onto cooking tea for the household and not to mention my yeast starter hadn't activated yet and I wanted to be sure that it was still alive. So I ended up leaving my boil pot overnight (with lid on) and with the hops still in there. This morning the yeast was looking nice and active so I transferred the wort to my fermenter (and I was reminded how much of a pain cone hops can be for blocking the keg tap!!). 

I was just wondering what the effect of leaving hops in wort for say, 12 hours is likely to be? I cooled the wort using an immersion chiller, it was at 20 deg within 15 mins of the boil finishing. Would leaving hops in cool wort be likely to increase the IBU's by much, or would it be more similar to a bit of dry hopping or hop back? 

Either way I'll report back once I've tasted the brew to see if it's more bitter than expected. Luckily I went for only about 32 IBU on this brew so a bit of extra bitterness won't be the end of the world if that is the case. 

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Calculations and experience show that once below 70 C, insignificant amounts of extra bitterness are produced.

I would not worry about the flavour profile changing if the wort was cool. However, I hope an infection did not get there.

Infection will not be a problem. I had my voodoo dolls set up around it all night long. Not to mention the dream catchers, quartz crystals, garlic braids and incense. Everythings going to be A-OK.

Hmmm. I should borrow the voodoo dolls, etc...

Yeah I don't think it'd be a problem, I've done that before and had no issues.

However what do you dudes reckon about leaving a mash for 3 hours? I had to do that today as I didn't have enough time to sparge off and start the kettle before heading off on some errands... 

Probably not a problem. However, you may extracted tannins.

Let us know how it turns out!

I tried a bit out of the hydro sample jar today - tasted awesome, no nasty tannins.. I was a bit worried it might have gone a bit sour, but nah none of that either. Boom.


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