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Hi All,

Due to circumstances and time constraints I'm looking for interest in my E-Herms, all-stainless brewery. Produces 2 x corny kegs easily. Could produce 3 with another fermenter,

I would sell the main brewery as one unit (kettles, stand, pumps, controller, hoses etc). If that sells, then the fermenator w fridge, then the keg fridge, kegs, taps, C02 etc.

I haven't really priced this up yet but will be looking for at least $5k for the brew stand alone - need to review what I put into it. Has been used no more than 10 times as complete.

A lot of imported parts and assembled by Banks Brewing Hardware. Will need a sparky to pull out the controller and install at new place - needs a 25-32A circuit to run - 2 x 5.5kw elements.

PM if interested. 

Excellent control for the advanced homebrewer / pilot commercial brewer.


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Hi...really interested and sent you personal message via friend request 2 days ago but no contact yet....? Des. 03 5457464.

Sorry Des, Replied via Email,


BUMP - still for sale - am heeding to the UK for a month on 2nd July - would be keen to get this sold prior to then to fund beery adventures overseas,

Thought this had long gone Gaz. Still all in one piece?

Yeah mate - never really advertised it anywhere else. Yup all in one piece and prefer to sell it as such. A budding corporate raider could break it up for profit lol.

I don't know if there is any capacity for selling some items and breaking up the set.

Random things I'm interested in...the conical fermenter, the stir plate and flask, the chiller, a few corny kegs, and the monster mill.

If your open to that let me know mate!

I can't remember for sure... But I think I bought some gear off you a few years back. A four ring burner, a 70 litre kettle, and a massive copper immersion chiller. Was that you?

Thanks for all the interest. Brewery is officially SOLD!!!!

Nice one mate, hope it went to a good home.

well done - would have loved it but no lotto


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