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Hi All,

Due to circumstances and time constraints I'm looking for interest in my E-Herms, all-stainless brewery. Produces 2 x corny kegs easily. Could produce 3 with another fermenter,

I would sell the main brewery as one unit (kettles, stand, pumps, controller, hoses etc). If that sells, then the fermenator w fridge, then the keg fridge, kegs, taps, C02 etc.

I haven't really priced this up yet but will be looking for at least $5k for the brew stand alone - need to review what I put into it. Has been used no more than 10 times as complete.

A lot of imported parts and assembled by Banks Brewing Hardware. Will need a sparky to pull out the controller and install at new place - needs a 25-32A circuit to run - 2 x 5.5kw elements.

PM if interested. 

Excellent control for the advanced homebrewer / pilot commercial brewer.


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sounds like a cool setup, pics?

Will be keen on fermenator depending on price, pm me if keen to sell 

I could be keen on the fermenter/fridge and keg set up if you decide to sell. cheers

Mate, thats a shame you haven't been able to put your beautifully built system to full use.  Sorry to hear you're getting out of brewing (for now).  Hope its not for good.  Good luck with the sale.

Sorry to hear your selling that mate, looks like a lot of time and efforts gone into it. 

I have a few mates looking to brew atm and passed it on


Hey mate, buddy is pretty keen on whole brewery and I on the fermenter & fridge, could do deal for whole lot. Gimme a txt 027 421 8077

Brewery Listing:

Starting to think I should Keep it!!!!!

Monster Mill (2 roller) with OEM base and Hopper

65l HLT
Calibrated sight-glass
1/2in full ctainless HEX coil
All stainless ball valves & Stainless disconnects
5.5kw Element
Thermo port

65L Mashtun
Stainelss mesh bottom
Banks Brewing Sparge Arm
Thermo Port
All stainless ball valves & Stainless disconnects

90L Kettle
pickup from centre
The Hop Stopper
Stainless Return arm
5.5kw element
Thermo Port
All stainless ball valves & Stainless disconnects

Brew stand - custom galv steel frame with stainless top

2 x March pumps with stainless stands/covers (Banks Brewing)

1 x Morebeer Counterflow Chiller - with Thermo port and dial thermometer. Stianless disconnect for beer. Brass garden for cool water.

Control Panel - 2 x PIDs, industrial heat sinks, fan controller, 2 x thermo ports. Swtich between elements. Power to element buttons

Hoses - 4 x c1.5m Silcone hoses with stainless disconnects. Smaller hose for mash return

14.5G Blichmann Fermentator. Optional Blowoff tri-clamp kit

2 x Better Bottles

1 x Glass Carboy

1x Additional shitty immersion chiller (copper)

Fridge with platform to house Fermenator

Beer Fridge - 3kg CO2 Bottle. Main regulator + 2 x secondary regs - 3 different pressures!

1 x Hot / Cold temperature controller. 2 x Heat pads for Fermentation Fridge

1 x Cold temperature controller for beer fridge

1 x Hanna Phep 5 pH meter

1 x Refractometer

2 x Large Grain bins

Various grains and hops.

Stir Plate w 2L flask and various stir bars

8 x Corny Kegs

Electronic Scales - 1 Large for grain / 1 micro for salts.

Ai Carumba that is a fucking beautiful list!

I have fond memorys of my part in this setup lots of firsts for BBH ;-)

Hi is this still for sale?

Hi all, despite my best efforts to get back into brewing - I haven't touched my brewery since this last post. This is now seriously For Sale AS IS the whole lot - I'm looking for $6500 firm - purchaser must take everything. NB kegs etc have some old beer in them - probably need to be thrown out, so bank on kegs, taps etc being dirty and needing cleaning.

NB - I am away for a week from Thursday,

Any interest? I'm looking to put this on trademe this coming weekend,

$6500 will be the start price at auction...



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