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I've got half a dozen healthy potted Danscade cuttings looking for new homes.  Pick up in Auckland.  Give me a hoi if you're keen.

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I'd be interested, but I'm probably moving within the next 6 months, and being in a rental I don't want to plant out.  Would they cope in the pot for a while?

They should be OK - especially if you chuck them into a bigger pot for the rest of this season to develop a small rhizome and then throw them in the ground for next spring.

I'm interested in a couple of plants. I live on waiheke so have a hard time picking things up. Don't suppose you work in the city? Failing that I'll call in a favour and have someone collect them on my behalf.

No problem Daniel.  Sorry, I don't work in the city.  Pick up can be either Greenlane or Mount Wellington if you've got a mate who can collect for you.

*bump*  There are still a few of these potted cuttings left for anyone who's keen.

The mother plant has tonnes of burrs now - looking forward to a bumper crop in a month or so!

I'll take some if they're still going, will be great to have something nicer than smoothcone to brew with!

Yep - no worries.  There's nothing like brewing with home grown cones and these ones are mild mannered but tasty - fresh light lemon and hints of cut hay is how they came through in last years harvest Pale Ale.  PM me to sort out a pick up.

Yeah I'd like to grab one too.  Will PM you.  Cheers.

Hey Tilt, no chance you have any cuttings from your Danscade plant still hanging around? I've just moved house and really keen to get my hop garden started.

Sorry mate - they're all long gone.  Keep an eye out and someone might have rhizome cuttings going over winter.

awww.... missed them... :(

Have just dug up some healthy looking Danscade rhizomes over the weekend and have a few going for those who can pick up from Greenlane, Auckland.  Shoot me a PM if you're interested.


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