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Where to source parts and how to best maintain them

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Just got a keg last week that seems to have a much more durable pressure release valve than normal, but I don't know where to get a replacement seal for this type, any help / info would be appreciated

I've sourced keg parts from http://www.chicompany.net before. 

Looks like they have some good stuff, unfortunately none of these pressure relief valves though, I can't seem to even find a photo of one anywhere, it still hold pressure although rubber has lots of little cracks that might harbour nasties, looks like I might have to find a whole lid as there doesn't appear to be any for sale that fit

Have you got a photo of the lid? I know there are some "old" style of PRV that are no longer made but I thought someone had started making universal replacement ones. I actually bought one of the older style lids with the no longer produced PRV because I was going to use it for another purpose (never got around to it though!).

Hi Mattd2, does your old lid look like this?

The hole that the prv seals underneath of lid seems to be smaller than normal on this lid and it doesn't have that mini pipe / tube underneath the lid which the normal ones have. I saw a couple of prv's advertised as universal, but even if the ends the right shape for sealing the hole, I don't see how it will be long enough for a normal lid but short enough for this lid

(In bottom photo)

Top PRV is the standard one, bottom PRV is my one

Had a look last night; my old lid is sort of like that but the PRV is completely different, seems shorter and has a flipper to manually release the pressure.

I just checked again and now I don't think the adapter in Pilgrim's link will work. I would send you my old flipper type PRV but I think that might be too short and when I bought it the seller specifically mentioned that they thought that the PRV would be leaking, but you are welcome to try it. Sorry I can't be of much more help :(

Cheers for the offer Matt, I think I'l just try and get a new corny style lid though.

If the new valve assembly from Pilgrims link is wide enough might be able to hole saw the old prv socket out and screw (with the nut) the new assembly in.

Hi Sam,

I have the same setup with a slow leak - did you track down and replacements in NZ?

Try this crowd they have replacement PRVs:


You could try and ring Brewers Coop in AKL - they usually have a collection of keg bits and pieces in store.

Hi Rhys,

Did you check whether its the valve that's leaking

I never found the same type of valve, even when searching the only photo I found of it in results was the photo I put up.

The store in pilgrims link has a valve assembly where you drill out the old prv with a hole saw, then put in a whole new prv assembly, unless you were already ordering from there the cost of shipping would be far to much though.

The other option is you can buy a complete and new lid for $25 from some home-brew shops in NZ, although personally I didn't like the quality of the lid so didn't get one, I still need to move my Co2 tank out of the fridge before I can use the keg so haven't got around to it yet.

THE BREW HOUSE.CO.NZ,in wellington gd prices $7 courier


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