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Hey guys,


Following up a long discussed project of manufacturing plastic conical fermenters in NZ.  Nicolas Jones (from the forum) has bought it and is well on his way to getting them into production! 

http://www.forum.realbeer.co.nz/profile/NicholasJones  (I hope the link works...)

I'd like to give him and his partner a very warm thank you for picking this up and taking it forward.  They have a huge amount of drive and energy and I wish them all the very best with it.  Congratulations mate!

Nick's an industrial designer with a great eye for detail and understanding of the industrial processes, equipment and tooling.  He is looking to make a fantastic high quality product and I look forward to putting my order in shortly.

He's a bloody good brewer too, with some really interesting brews under his belt.  Made an awesome twist to a stout that I'm looking at tinkering with very soon!  Sorry Grant, but it's as good as your Scotch Ale.

Anyone with queries please feel free to hit him up and I'm sure he'll post up on here when he has things under control.   I'm quite amazed at how far he has taken it in a few short weeks, especially as he's running his own business too, baby in tow and building a brewery haha.  Legs, lid, seals and clamps are being detailed and priced as well as minor mods to the tanks.  Very impressive!

Fingers crossed this is just his first project and he'll roll into mash tuns, chillers, grain mills and maybe log splitters (I would like a hydraulic log splitter).


All the very best Nick!




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Awesome news. I'll hit him up asap to get some deets about retailing them. Nice

Thanks Liam, its like I paid you for a glowing bio! Cheers mate, has been bloody great dealing with you, look forward to catching up over a beer soon. I think I should definitely follow this one up with a log splitter too...;)

are you going to roto mold these?

All good mate!  plans submitted to Dave for a log splitter already :)

Hey Peter, yeah we already have the tool (courtesy of Liams efforts), just making a few mods and sorting the detailing of other components

Got a sneek preview at the conicals this week and they look sweet!  I think people are going to be pretty excited when they see them!

I'm keen to have a look at one when they're ready. Will both sizes be available still? Any updated pictures? 


Hi Tom, sorry this pic is of the original moulded part with some hackery to show what it will ultimately look like. It wont be quite like this, placement of the latches will be different and the fitting poking out the front for takeoff is not as long as the one pictured. We are just working through some tool mods and a bit of detail, and yes will still be doing both sizes. Am talking to distributors at the moment so will advise when it is all finished. Cheers!

Thanks Nick, They're looking great. Any idea on price point yet or still to be finalised?


Hey Tom, I have pricing sorted but as yet cant reveal as I may not sell them direct to brewers and dont want to cut off any potential relationships with distributors before they have started. i will know more in the new year

No worries, Cheers


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