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From the craft beer forum at Linkedin, in case some of you still have a bit of Citra lust left in you.

"Paul StevensYou guys are right the hops you’re talking about are trademarked and not everyone can grow them or have them. We can’t grow or sell the Simco and Amarillo and never will, but the Centennial, Citra, Chinook, Warrior, Summit, Columbus, and many others we have tens of thousands of pounds every year.

The deal is we do not grow hops on a farm for the “spot” market. If you tell us what you want we will grow them for you and you all you can use. If the brewer does not tell the farm what hops they want us to grow they have to rely on another brewer we grow them for not needing all that we grew (the spot market).

We do not grow hops on the hope they will sell. A farm cannot survive like that, at least a hop farm. We have been doing this for a century here in the Willamette Valley. We would like to keep doing it, so just let us know what you want it can be that easy."

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I would like to buy some Citra hops and try them out - do you have any left

for sale?

any Citra hops left?

I know that on a homebrewing level you can buy some from Craftbrewer in Oz.

Also Niko Brew is doing some pounds in the next little while but that will be a one or two hour limit on buying those and shipping is quite high so you need to buy around 4 mixed pounds to make this work to your advantage.


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