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Heya folks, I've made a simple little Chrome browser app for converting weights and temperatures from imperial (US) to metric inline on webpages and thought I'd share if anyone is interested.

I'm sure many have had the same problem as I have of encountering temperatures in °F when finding recipes, articles, forum posts and the like around tinterwebs, and not really knowing how they convert to °C. Usually I'd tottle off and google the usual " to c" or whatever, but if there's a whole bunch to query it can get pretty annoying and I'm far too lazy for that, so I made this to do it for me in the page itself. It's pretty clunky, my javascript skills are limited at best, and it's had limited testing for now. It's all pretty straightforward but the usual disclaimer applies: I take no responsibility for anything happening to your PC, your Mum getting Typhoid, etc etc, so use at your own risk.

To install:

Firstly, you need to be using the Chrome browser.

- Download the f2c.crx file from https://raw.github.com/skunk27/f2c/master/f2c.crx

- Open the extensions tab in chrome (tools -> extensions).

- Drag the f2c.crx file into the extensions tab, and you should be good to go.

- You can turn it on or off in the extensions tab as you please.

Like I said, it's pretty clunky and the pattern matching will no doubt have issues, so if anyone gives it a go and finds some examples of pages that aren't converted properly then I'll do my best to have them included. Cheers all.

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Cool and all, but you know you can just type, for example, "convert 90F to C" into google? ;)

Oh, I missed where you DID know that. But seriously, isn't this more hard work than that? I mean, it's not that much typing, sure? ;)

Yeah, for sure, it's not going to change the world of brewing or anything, and if you're not using Chrome already it's likely not worth the trouble of changing.

I've found it useful when trawling through threads on homebrewtalk where people mention temps four times per post, for example. Also anything involving a table of temperature ranges or something, such as the one on here http://realbeer.com/jjpalmer/ch14.html (and yes, I realise the diagram has C as well, but it's as good an example as I can find off hand :P )

Yeah, totally. Ignore me, I was in a cockish mood this morning. I may have to rename myself Captain Bringdown!

Hey Gareth, Thanks for sharing that. I tried it out and it works. If you have any intention of further refining it, it would be extra cool if it could also convert weight and volume units. I would also suggest leave the original units in place and put the converted units in brackets after the original units so that you can tell what's been converted and if the conversion makes sense.



I've made an updated version which highlights when temps are changed with a grey background, and if you hover over them then a tooltip will show the original before conversion. I'll add some stuff for lbs -> kg, oz -> g, and gallons -> litres and get it up soon, should be simple enough. Download is here:


Ask and you shall receive, my good man. Now converts lbs and ounces to their metric equivalents too. Gallons is a bit tough, as the 'g' suffix is a bit common for grams and the like so I left it out.

Cool stuff Gareth. If you wanted to add volume conversion into the mix, you could convert if it says 'gal', 'gals' 'gallon', 'gallons'


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