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Tried some of this beer some time ago and been after a few more for a while. Recently managed to get some when the ESB was on tap for a short week or two but no bottles.


Hard to find? I know its easy to get in Christchurch, but it seems to all get nabbed before it gets as far as Wellington, 


Anyone in Wellington know how to get hold of it



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To be honest it has been hard to get hold of even in Chch for a while. They opened their bar and it has been hugely popular and they have had trouble keeping up with demand... Just recently they have started supplying bottles again.


No idea where to get hold of in Welly


I do know that they have a keep it local kind of thing going on. Returnable bottles that can be refilled etc. so they may not be shipping bottles far afield...

Dam, o well something to get if I pass through Chch 

A couple of Cassel's beers have been on the handpumps at Hashigo Zake recently. There should be some more again soon. Keep an eye on http://hashigozake.co.nz/beerlist.html.

I believe that Regional might have picked up some kegs for the fill your own taps at about the same time.

yep we had 2 kegs of ESB, they didnt last long.


We will do more as Cassels have a bit of spare capacity now. Bottles coming in the new year to.


Yea I managed to get some of the ESB at the fill your own at Regional, only time I've seen it since the bottles, gone very quickly. Which of their beers will you be getting in, keen to try some of their other beers as well


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