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Hi all, I have a lager ready to bottle. The issue I have is how much sugar to add for bottling.

I fermented at 10C, did a diacetyl rest at 17C then lagered at 3C for 5 and a half weeks. I then took it out of the lagering fridge as I had a stuck fermentation from another brew that needed warming up. It has sat covered up in the garage for a week at I would guess maybe 10C.


Now when I use the carbonation tool do I put the temperature as 10C or would I go to the 3C temp??



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Assuming it was never under pressure and always had an airlock fitted so it was always at ambient pressure: When it was at 17C, (for a few days?), CO2 would have been released (due to the increase in temperature), and there would be no more CO2 available to be absorbed when you dropped the temperature again, so my guess would be that it is currently carbonated at the level it would be at 17C and atmospheric pressure (0 psig) CO2, i.e. about 0.87 volumes.

But that is just my guess based on my understanding of carbonation.

Cheers Smiffy, yes it has an airlock and not under pressure. Tried googling but there wasn't much info I could find to help me so much appreciated.


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