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Looks like a spare week in Aussie in July/August, but if it were beerwise, where should it be, Brisbane or Melbourne?

I know there's been a lot of Melbourne talk recently, but there must be more to Queensland than Craftbrewer ?

So where's good and what's the best choice, which has the bars, the breweries, the brewshops, you know what I mean

Cheers, jt

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I cant speak for Melbourne but I found myself with a spare day in Brisbane 6 months ago so went looking for breweries / brew pubs etc. 

It took most of the day to track down something that was open (on a Saturday) and when we finally arrived after a 1 hour  walk from the CBD it was a pretty standard pub with an ok range of beers. It was the Brisbane brewing Company and whilst we were happy to be there trying something other than XXXX or VB they were nothing to write home about. There were a few beers that were better than ok but you get the idea.

Im not trying to put Brisbane down as I really like the place, that was just how our day unfolded.

Thanks chap. I don't know why, Brissie just seems to give a bad beer impression

Definitely Melbourne.  Just look up the Good Beer Week guide to find all the beer bars.  There are HEAPS.

Thanks Steph, appreciate the comments


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