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Hi guys,

My friend and I are looking for a homebrew club in Auckland that we can join. We have been brewing for quite a while at home, but we are struggling with the lack of space, specially for the all grain process. The idea would be a common space with all the facilities/equipment that people can share to brew, ferment and store beers.
I'm not sure if there is any place like this in Auckland, so we are also considering to gather some interested people and make it happen. Maybe rent a place, buy the equipment, all shared by the members of the club. It would be more convenient than brewing at home, with the benefit of socialising and sharing knowledge among the members. Also, achieve things that we could not achieve with the space we have at home.

The idea is similar to a cooperative. And it shouldn't be a big investment.

If you know any club like this, or are interested to join a new club please leave your comment and we can discuss more ideas.


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Here's one great spot to meet other like-minded brewers: agwb.org.nz - next meeting is Wednesday 26th March.

There are quite a few members who brew collaboratively, but not as involved as your idea which sounds like the sort of brewing clubs you get in the US. 

Hi Dash 6

Thanks for your reply, I will try to go to the next meeting. It looks like a great place to share ideas about beer.
You are right, I have read about some clubs like this in the US. It works like a good incubator for craft brewers and I think this could work here too.



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