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I was set to brew an IPL on friday but chickened out and ended up using my go to WLP090 instead of a WLP800 yeast cake I had. My question is anyone had any success with IPL style and if so any tips would be appreaciated. My recipe was 


5 kg Pale

2 kg Pilsner

300 g  CaraPils


FWH Centennial 30g

@15  25g Simcoe

@ 10 25g Centennial

@ 5 25g Amarillo

Whirlpool @ 80c

25 g Amarillo

25g Simcoe



Yeast: WLP800


Mash 23 litres for 1 hour at 63c then mash out @ 75

Sparge 9 litres

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I've done a couple that were OK. Both just because I had a M76 Bavarian lager yeast cake from a schwarzbier. Brulosophy fast lager method. Reasonable success, good clean fermentations although hops didn't pop as much as with say us05. The second one came out of fermenter smelling and tasting of sulfer but that cleaned up real quick, its not just lager yeast that does tha,t 051 also smells like over boiled eggs but cleans up.  I certainly wouldn't go out of my way and buy lager yeast and make a giant starter but if you have a yeast cake lying around why not.

Do you oxygenate? Just asking because I have been trying WLP090 and its not attenuating as far as I would like. I've read its fussy about oxygen so I wondering if this is why even though I aerate via a pipe with lots of venturai holes on the way into the fermenter.

Thanks for the feedback Cain. I dont oxygenate but have never had issues with WLP090 attentuating. It normally is pretty aggressive and finishes pretty low. The WLP800 (the cake I was going to use) imperial pils I did finished high on brulosophy fast lager method. 1.014 and tasting quite sweet.

I've been using the white labs south German lager yeast in a bunch of beers that would have been IPAs, because I had it more than anything else. I'm undecided to be honest, it ferments a bit too clean for my liking, prefer a bit more yeast character. I'm running it like an ale yeast at 18c


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