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Hi folk, it is quite some time since I posted on this forum. In the interim I have moved from using my trad. 3 vessel brewery to working with a Braumeister 20 L for a year or two now. I love it and have made some very nice beer but maddeningly I have frequently experienced lower than expected brewhouse efficiency. I have checked and double checked everything and have been anal about correcting water, pH etc. I have even gone back to doing the iodine test for mashing! My point is, there must be some Braumeister users here in NZ and especially on this site and I'd love to connect with you guys to compare nots. Strangely, some comments on other BM sites indicate that some blokes find that if their crush is a wee bit tight the pump doesn't work as efficiently as it should and many say 1.2 mm is ideal. It goes against the grain (sorry, had to say that) but ultimately it is well established that a sparge is definitely not necessary with this system.  

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