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Does anyone know where I can get some bitter orange peel in Wellington? I haven't seen any in the New World herb shelf. I think my only hope is Moore Wilson.

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I think most homebrew stores are doing this range now. Try your local maybe?
Or try the various organic type foodie places. Organic hippies must have SOME use, right? ;)
*hides from Andrew @ Mussel Inn*
Great Expectations sell it . Click here
Corriander seeds for $128 / kg .. Bitter Orange peel for $160 / kg .. I think I'll stick to the supermarket .. or just using hops as the Big Fella Upstairs intended ..
Shit that's expensive.

It's easy to grow coriander anyways and if you know someone with a citrus tree then you're sorted for free.

I've grown some coriander and have dried the seed, planning on using some peel from our lemon tree and the neighbours grapefruit to through in a wit-style beer.

Was sitting next to a guy at work peeling a navel orange, and thought that aroma would be freakin' awesome in a beer.
I guess it's all based on what the shoppa will pay for a wee black & white baggie ... $4 odd doesn't seem tooo much to ad to a brew does it .. really ?
The filthy hippies at Common Sense Organics had something called organic orange peel (Italy). It looks/tastes like glase peel so I'm wondering if its close enough to substitute...
I couldn't find any for my first attempt at brewing a witbier, so just used a vege peeler to strip the skin off a standard orange from the supermarket. Based on a comparison of that version with the most recent one (which had the dried stuff in it) - very little, if any, difference as far as I could tell. I'd just go the fresh orange.


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