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Hi all,

I am trying to get my hands on some plastic fermentors for long-term aging of some sour beers I am brewing. In the book "American Sour Beers" the author recommends using fermentors made in a tough plastic by a company called "Better Bottle." (http://www.better-bottle.com)

I think Brewcraft may have been the NZ distributor at one stage, but according to the Better Bottle website, there is currently no distributor in NZ. 

Anyone know if these are available in New Zealand? - I don't really want to keep having to shell out big money for glass carboys!

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What size are you looking at?

I use 15L water cooler bottles for fermentors - they work really well and have a handy handle on the side!



Yeah, I wondered about those as well. 

I am probably after a couple of different sizes. I brew 20 L batches, so would be after some at that stage - but the 11L versions would be good for being able to split batches. 

As I need to age these beers for up to 18 months I am not keen on tying up the few glass carboy's I have for so long.

Can you buy the water cooler bottles from somewhere?

Hi there. Whilst they are not betta bottles, most homebrew shops can get the PET carboys that imake distribute (in 23L and 11.4L). I have them in my shop and they work really well. 

I saw a neighbour with a stack of them and just asked - Free!

If you do 20L batchs, then you probably want to split the batch, and do something different between the batches. I.e pitch S-05 in one and a belgian in the other and then add you microbobes to both...

Finney has 23L PEt carboys available. (Ex Christchurch) Unsure about  postage/freight. He also has 12L ones as well.
I've got a couple and they're great. PET Plastic is much better than normal plastic for aging beers in, as the plastic is much less permeable.

You may have already seen it, but there is one (used) going on Trade Me in Auckland at the moment, Plastic Better Bottle Carboy 23L (6 gal).



Brewers Coop in Penrose, AKL have Better Bottles.


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