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Looking at getting myself set up with a gas burner for brewing. I will need to grab a 50L pot at some stage too, but figured the burner came first.


Having a look around it seems that the best choice for buying here in NZ is either the 3 or 4 ring burner that works with a standard regulator on a BBQ gas bottle.


I can find the 3 ring burners for about $70


I can find the 4 ring burners for about $130.


What I would like to know is if it is worth paying almost double for a 4 ring, or whether the 3 ring does the job just fine??


Are there any other options I could consider? I am quite happy to buy stuff in from overseas if it is cheaper and works better. Also not adverse to having to do some assembly or source some parts to make stuff work.

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Last time I brewed I got a bucket of warm water and tipped it into a tub and then sat the 9kg gas bottle into the tub of warm water. Worked brilliantly. Previously the gas level would drop as the bottle got cold/frosted on the outside and would jump up if you moved or rolled the bottle around. With the warm water bath the gas level was very consistent and not a problem.

Sitting the bottle in a tub works for me - great way to get the last of the gas from the cylinder. I just fill it with the hose and leave it slowly running to change the water.

cheers for the tips

I got my burner and fitted regulator from Combustion Control in Onehunga.  We deal with these guys for work on our big gas ovens and boilers and they are it when it comes to knowing what can and can't be done with gas.  Can't remember what the name of the burner is that they supplied me but basically it lookes like a tin can with little slots in the side around the top where the gas comes out.  I do 80litre boils and it has no problem holding a rolling boil.  Give Brett a call and he'll know what you are after.  Always good to source local.

Hey guys, just had one of those adjustable regulators delivered off Trade Me. Hooked it up just now to give it a quick whirl, definitely getting more grunt which is great but did struggle to keep the outside ring of my 3 ring burner alight. Anyone had a similar issue? It keeps going out once I get past a half to full turn so nowhere near max, is it a lack of air, I've got the inlets fully open. Cheers

Have done a bit more reading and looks like these low pressure burners can only go so high so I'll have to have a play and find the sweet spot

I have the same problem with a 2 ring burner from Bunnings and an adjustable reg.

I've found that the hotter the burner gets, the more gas I can push through it. But in saying that, there is still a limit to it's max flow rate.

For what its worth, anyone on the hunt for a good burner...I got one of these off Amazon after my batch size doubled.... then trippled.


Used to struggle with a 3ring burner but this little guy handles everything so far...I have 80 liters of wort to the boil in under half an hour. Uses 4kg of gas for a 90 minute boil

Plus the metal stand is surprisingly tough, it will handle a full 100 liter pot. If you want an easy future proof solution without having to build a stand or anything, this is the one.

Cheers guys, I did have a look at the Bayou the other night when I was contemplating a Rambo burner. These look like a good price and I like the fact it comes with a stand. I may yet get one of these for double batches and retire the 3 ring burner to an easy retirement of heating sparge water!

Hey Sparknz, I've just been watching a few youtube vids of that Bayou burner, looks insane! And loud. Do you reckon it would be fine to use it an enclosed area or is it really only suitable for outside? I have a fairly large basement area that I brew in so wondering if it'll be fine in there. 

You would definitely want some very good ventilation if you did it in a basement, probably not recommended. Yeah it sounds like a jet engine!

On Amazon it says Propane, can you use LPG BBQ burner gas? Or is that propane? Sorry for the noob question.


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