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Looking at getting myself set up with a gas burner for brewing. I will need to grab a 50L pot at some stage too, but figured the burner came first.


Having a look around it seems that the best choice for buying here in NZ is either the 3 or 4 ring burner that works with a standard regulator on a BBQ gas bottle.


I can find the 3 ring burners for about $70


I can find the 4 ring burners for about $130.


What I would like to know is if it is worth paying almost double for a 4 ring, or whether the 3 ring does the job just fine??


Are there any other options I could consider? I am quite happy to buy stuff in from overseas if it is cheaper and works better. Also not adverse to having to do some assembly or source some parts to make stuff work.

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use a 23 jet mongolion burner with a global lpg  high pressure variable reg from the local heat and gas store. from memory tthe reg was about $60 but gives plenty of adustment

Thanks sinykill, reconsidering the rambo burner now.


Here's the email I recieved in regards to the freight of the 10 tip burners:


1x 10 tip Mongolian burner weighs 1kg and would cost 20 AUD uninsured, 9.60AUD extra  for insurance.

To ship 3 units would cost 46.15 AUD, I assume that was uninsured as she didn't specify.

So not really a huge saving considering we'd have to add national freight to distribute them.


www.auspost.com.au/apps/international-parcel.html is the shipment calculator ship was using.

Righto, time for an upgrade. I have just done my first double batch and the 3 ring circus with standard regulator barely had enough grunt to get a good boil and it took a long time to get there.

Looking for a good deal on an adjustable regulator - probably a medium pressure one.

Also looking for a burner. I quite like the sound of the Italian Spiral burners.

Anyone know of any good deals going?

I have the adjustable regulator shown above, got mine off trademe for about $60.

If you managed a boil with the three ring and a standard regulator, even if only just, I'd buy the regulator first and see how that goes before investing in another burner.  I've got a four ring burner and for a 34L starting boil volume I never use the biggest ring, just the two center ones.

Thanks. I have been looking out for an adjustable reg on trademe but have not seen one for the last couple of months. I too think it would probably make a difference to the current burner...

Although to be honest I am not that impressed with the quality of my 3 ring jobby and so would not mind something a little better, and if it has the capacity to really ramp up and get me boiling quicker then I would be into that!

buy the three ring burner,thendrill out the jets to a larger size to get a better flame.cheers


For anyone in Wellington, there is a guy with one of those second hand furniture/ornament shops on Ghuznee St selling some bas burners for $35, with gas canisters too. I didn't ask him about them but I'm going to go back. He has about 5 $35 ones and also some bigger ones for more. The $35 ones are pretty sizeable and look like they could boil 25L. The shop is at the back of the carpark on Leeds St, across from the music shop.

I went there yesterday, they've closed down due to the building being red stickers. =(

Woah there. Drilling the jets out too much will reduce the velocity of the gas stream and hence the amount of air entrained into the venturi. Result, yellow flames producing a lot of Carbon Monoxide and soot. Increasing the pressure with an adjustable regulator is the way to go. Also clean any scale or obstructions out of the burner tubes. I've got a Campmaster three ring burner that has no trouble bringing 60ltr to the boil pretty quick. In a previous lifetime I was an Industrial Gas Technician so I know a thing or two about burners.

Thank Pilgrim. An adjustable reg sounds like the first step.

So the ones that go 0 to 10 psi should be enough for up to 70 or 80 L boils with a 3 ring?

I just put together a 0 to 10 psi adjustable regulator. I plan to test it with my three ring burner (standard green one from Bunnings) this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. I was using the regulator which came with it, but couldn't get a consistant burn. Hoping this will sort it out.

The adjustable regulator is good! I got a good flame, and could ramp it up, which would be useful in windy weather.

I was unable to seal the pipe for the higher pressure end of the regulator. At normal to mid pressure, the hose did not leak, but as soon as I turned it right up a small amount of bubbles formed from the seal (using soapy water). I'm reasonably happy with this, as I won't be using the higher pressure end in this particular setup. 


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