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Inspired by a completely different combination (Caol Ila and Schoc chocolate bitter nib which works really very well), thinking we should build up a library for great beer and food matches for the members to try out.

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Epic Armageddon (or equivalent hoppy IPA) with a spicy and oily Indian curry. Kind of obvious but amazing nonetheless.
Schneider Aventinus and roast pork went pretty well last night.
Also, a good Shiraz and Cookies & Cream icecream.
Some nice matching in time for Thanksgiving - http://blogs.creativeloafing.com/omnivore/2009/11/23/talking-head-t.... Though no doubt impossible to get over here, there's probably some reasonable matches that can be achieved. Gobble gobble.
Renaissance Oatmeal Stout and Chocolate Tort. This beer has a chocolatey coffee flavour. Would go great with anything rich and chocolate especially if that involved some raspberry. Yumm.


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