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Malthouse must be the best bar in New Zealand.

Ive been to a few now, but what they do at the Malthouse is awesome. Is there anything as good as this in New Zealand??

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Depends who's pulling it.
While I'm saying nice things about great bars I've loved, I have to give some mad props to Eureka in Dunedin. I was there quite a while back now... 2006? Anyway, not a massive range of beers, largely an Emerson's pub, but hey! It's pretty damn hard to go wrong being an Emerson's pub! Another place that's made by the atmosphere, excellent staff, and great food served with a matched pint of Dunedin's finest.
Im quite partial to Hallertau personally, whilst I havnt been to Hashigo zake, bar edward, d4, motuere inn or pomeroys (my next trip down south is gonna be spensy it seems), I have been to the Malthouse and was absolutely blown away by the selection and that awesome 'library' ladder they have, but Hallertau is close to home, they allways have great beer and even better food, if Steves there and not busy hes allways happy to chat brewing for a little bit, or sell kegs, it has a playground for Enzo, and Pukeko Grove fruit wine for Nicole, and its on the way home from the mountain biking track...

So yeah, Hallertau gets my vote :o)
I recently visited Wellington and went to both Malthouse and Hashigo Zake (I had never heard anyone pronounce the latter so had a bit of difficulty until someone told me how) - in fact we sort of bounced back and forth between the two a bit. It was just bloody awesome and I totally agree with Stu, the reception we got was amazing. We were welcomed as though we were important and enjoyed a yarn, great ales and excellent advice. I don't think I even noted the prices of the beers, it just didn't seem all that important in view of the wonderful hospitality we enjoyed. Both places of course told us that a number of you are regulars there. Thought about moving to Wellywood!
I'm going to throw in a vote for Galbraiths, and Hallertau. Both equally.

Galbraiths is obvious. Real ale on handpump, guest taps and more than a few rare bottled treats in the fridge. And a working brewery with a super nice and very friendly brewer. In a _proper_ pub setting - roaring fire, no loud music, converstation encouraged. With great food to boot. You just can't get any better than that.

Hallertau is awesome. Great modern hoppy beer styles in a comfortable modern setting. Amazing food, family friendly, homebrewing supportive, mad crazy excitable hop crazed beer nerd of a brewer who rushes out to great you with a glass of barely fermented hop juice every time you walk in. I friggen LOVE the place.
I want to put a notch on Hallertau's bedposet here.

The place is as good as you are going to get for a small local establishment. It has more NZ craft beer available than any other bar in Auckland, and that is before you even start looking at the beer that is brewed there. Tap beers like #1, #2, #3 and #4 that suit any season, and session. Seasonal beers that have been absolutely outstanding. And then there is the barrel aged stuff... OMG - I just had a slight mis-hap in my pants!!!

The place is just awesome.

For me, Hallertau was, is, and always will be THE HOME OF BEER for me*.

*: I have been to:

Cock and Bull
Hashigo Zake
Bar Edward
Twisted Hop
Damnit, you've just thrown things into perspective here... there IS no best beer bar. They're all so damn good. For so many different reasons.
The Tau is my fave, could do with more toilets and a monorail leading back to the city though. Also if steve was not so lean and handsome he might not make me so self concious asbout my body.
I think we forgot how lucky we are in Auckland to be blessed with both Galbraiths and Hallertau. What we might lack in beer bars, we more than make up with in brew pubs. And I'm a brew pub kind of guy...
Ahh how I miss NZ beer bars and pubs. Really great people and always a nice surprise of beers around the country. Wish I could get back and enjoy all that great beer I'm missing out on! And it's great to see a few new beer bars open since my last visit.


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