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$50+GST / month


BeerSmith is on sale (25% off) this weekend if anyone was thinking about purchasing:


Black Friday Sale

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Hi Christian,

  Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of buying Beersmith and your mail spurred me on. Trouble is, when I went onto the site and chose the pay with credit card option, ir said it couldn't validate my credit card. So I tried again with a different cc and got the same result. So, no joy I fear. Can one purchase the programme locally? Funnily enough, I tried through Amazon to get the CD and I don't believe they'd ship to NZ.

You can get it through Craftbrewer:




I didn't have any issues ordering a couple of months ago.

Hi Matthew, I notice the brewcraft beersmith is not specifically beersmith version 2. Is there much difference do you know?

Yes it is V2. That link was for the Beersmith 2 registration key. You just download the software off the Beersmith website and Craftbewer then send you the key, pop it in and away you go.

Hi Ian,

Do you have a paypal account? I purchased BeerSmith a few weeks back by credit card via my paypal account. Otherwise try again later as it could be their credit card service is down. I would even email Brad at BeerSmith if you still have no luck.


Thanks guys. I did a transaction through paypal some time ago but can't remember the login details and it just seems like too much hassle. But I'll try the craftbrewer route and see, otherwise I'll need to get organised with pp.


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