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I am trying to get to grips with this program and was wondering where I find the spes for the grain and hops and yeast we get in nz. This il be very helpful when making recipes.


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You should get the AA% when you buy your hops, the beta acid level isn't too big of a deal so you can just use the average that is listed on websites for that value.

Same thing with grain really, any base malts you buy you should be able to get a copy of the analysis sheet. Any specialty malts you can just use the closest equivalent loaded in beersmith and change the colour value, also your malt supplier should be able to give you that.

Last I checked all the available dry yeasts were already loaded in? Same with the WY and WL liquid strains.

It's also worth checking beersmith.com, they have some downloadable packs there with various malt/hops there.

If there's anything specific you can't find, hit me up, I've probably got it loaded in already.
Another David Wood? I'm confused.
You have to load them in, if they are not included. If you go into any of the ingredient screens, down the bottom you'll see a button `new'. Here you can add or update anything you want. It includes all the relevant fields. Obviously you need the data. You can get the hop data from NZ hops and the malt data from either Mike at Brewer coop or Cryer malts.

Remember to check the beersmith web page for updates too.

A little later on this evening I'll put all the locally available stuff I have into a beersmith file and upload it to rapidshare or something and post the link here.
swt!! Saves typing them all in, cheers mate.
Sweet done and dusted, hopefully it works.

Here's the link to BeerSmith's own downloads for grain, also if you scroll down it gives the instructions on how to install updates like my one posted here or the one's from them.

And here's what I have installed.

The specialty grains should be pretty close in colour, all though the extract may be a little off, the base grains there have been entered from analysis sheets, still varies from batch to batch of grain but again, close enough.

The hops AA% are up to date with whenever I last used them, which could be a while for some varieties, also some of the varieties aren't available locally anymore. Easy enough to change the AA% when you get your lot of hops anyway.

Also sorry about the '.' mark infront of everything, there's so much shit listed in the ingredients on beersmith I've done this so that they all show up at the top of the list to make them easier to find when I create recipes.

Hope that helps some folk out there.
you legend. cheers.
Yep cheers mate that's awesome stuff, saved me a load of time entering all those base grains.
Thanks Deminglen. Much appreciated.
Glen, you're a little bless ;)
Geah Geah, I'm the shit, you all owe me a beer.

Nah, sweet as guys, glad I could lend a hand.

I tried that link and it seems to have expired any chance of getting it put back up 



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