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Still fairly much a newbie with this . Airlock full of gunk and bubbling out after just 3 days. Mangrove Jacks Craft series wheat beer. Have replaced airlock. How badly will beer be affected if at all? Temp was sitting around 22c.

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I have had a few do this lately - does not affect the beer at all just makes a mess.  If you ended up with lots of hops in your fermentor and it does this the hops can block up the airlock and then you are in for an even bigger mess. 

Thanks for that got the temp down to 20c and seems to have slowed it a bit.

a 26ltr fermenter just half fill it an after 2 days that brown looking foam will have nearly reached the top wait till it settles down an top up to 26 ltrs /32 degres from the beginning an the fermentation is all over in 3/4 days, you get on to it like I can bowl 52 ltr in 3days by doing this, an when you top it up with 32degre tempt water scrape all the  brown stuff back into it thers still live yeat there

                                        cheers Paul C


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