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i am trying to recreate the boundary road brewery "red baron" . i really like the butterscotch like toffee flavour  . like we all do , i've been reading up on how to recreate this toffee flavour and a lot of websites use the terms caramel and toffee at the same time? i thought that caramel is more burned flavour then the toffee ? my homebrewing still involves using malt extract, special grains, hops and yeast. most websites recommend using uk crystal malts over other malts for the distinguished toffee. use lighter lovibond then higher lovibond for more toffee flavor. use a diacetyl yeast , to create a more buttery taste...and i read the use of tubinado ( a kind of sugar to add more toffee flavor ). i normally shop at Hauraki home-brew but they carry a uk crystal malt in a high lovibond. where would i be able to get a lower lovibond uk crystal malt. has any one got a "clone recipe" for this beer or any other advise you might give me?

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A combo of Bairds Medium and light crystal should give you enough toffee/butterscotch flavour that some people will mistake it for diacetyl. You can get this from any homebrew store in NZ I would think.. if not baylands or brewshop have it. 

I would not try to get extra diacetyl via fermentation though, thats generallty considered a flaw.  Avoid that with a good fermentation and a couple of days at the end a degree or two warmer than the rest of the fermentation.

The other malt worth looking into is Gladfields Toffee malt - a real sweet and sticky crystal - I've been tempted to put it on my breakfast cereal.

I like the sound of that Toffee, might be tempted to give it a go in place of the usual caramalt

where do you buy this from ? thanks

also, how much should/could i use of this in the recipe, i am using malt syrup too.

I'll probably wander up the road to Baylands but there must be a few other places have it
Guess I'd go 5%, 200gm in a 4kg grain bill. How much extract are you using?
I was round at Baylands to pickup some 05 for a brew in the morning and had a sniff and a taste of the toffee.
There's an aroma of tofffee, as in toffee apple, really nice. Then the taste, it's just the same. Unusually, the texture is chewy too, like toffee. Does make me wonder how it mills
I'll pick some up for a go in a fortnight

Give Gladfields a tinkle here .  They're good sorts and happy to supply to home brewers.

I'd start out with it as 3-4% of your fermentables

thanks everyone, i am about to put my order in with the brew house, and have ordered the gladfield toffee malt . in a few weeks time i will try and remember to post on here how it has turned out. 


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