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Hi all,

I'm looking to make a beer for my sisters wedding to an Australian and I am hoping that I might be able to get some seasoned pro advice from, well, a seasoned pro.

The skinny:

  • I can only do extract w/ specialty grains at the moment, no all grain and no BIAB as I don't have a big enough pot. 
  • The wedding is in 6 weeks in Australia, I plan to take 6-12 bottles over for them.  I'm not supplying the whole wedding, this is purely just a gift to the happy couple and an excuse for me to play with my new equipment.
  • I'm planning to brew 21L and have an option to split the brew in to two for fermentation (got two 12L carboys)... Potential to dry hop one with NZ hops and one with Aussie hops?
  • I want to have some sort of "marriage" of Australia and NZ in the beer.  This can be achieved as mentioned above, or another way that I don't yet know about.

Soon to be brother-in-law prefers lagers and pilsners but I don't have the capability to ferment any lower than 17degC.  He also doesn't like wheat beers or stouts/porters. So I'm limited as to what I can brew but I think there's something out there that will match my requirements!

So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on recipes I'd love to hear them.  I'm liking the sound of Galaxy hops for the Australian influence and perhaps Pacific Jade for NZ?  



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Nelson Sauvin and AUS Galaxy, seem to be a popular combo for pale ales and IPA's.

I'm not gonna claim to be a seasoned pro but I will chuck out a recipe you could use as a starting point.


Golden Ale / NZ pils

100% Wyermans Pils extract to about 5% abv

Xg Nelson Sav 60mins (depends how bitter you want it, 30ibu's?)

15g Nelson sav 10mins

15g NZ Cascade 10mins


Half batch

7g Nelson Sav dry hop

7g NZ Cascade dry hop


other half batch

14g something australian dry hop


Ferment with S05 @ 18degrees


Thanks JR. Thats very similar to what I came up with last night.

7% Caramel Malt 20L - Steep for 20 mins 

Pilsen Light DME 30% at boil

Pilsen Light LME 61% at end of boil.

10g Pacific Jade 60mins (Bitter) 

10g Nelson Sauvin 20mins (Bitter)

20g Nelson Sauvin 10mins (Aroma)

20g Galaxy 10mins (Aroma)

Then ferment with S05 at 18 deg....  Expected IBU is 38 and ABV 4.5%... Nice and mellow for the Aussie with limited beer taste!


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