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Trademe took my auction down for breaking all the rules so here's the info and some pics if your interested in anything give me a buzz

6x 20l stainless kegs, these are ex winery I had intended to use them for storing sours and the like but never got around to it. They have a threaded cap $40 ea

2x 20l jerry cans in very good nic $10ea

60L plastic fermenting barrel and airlock etc, excellent condition only used once washed with paw and rinsed with stars an no scratches $50

Radium 100L chillie bin. Like new condition. Had plans for a big mash tun but got some stainless instead. $200

The Malt Mechanics fermenter is the V1 beta that was offered on here some time ago, its a slightly different design and doesn't have any of the stainless fittings $150

2x 4M lengths of thermal lagging 48mmID $25 ea

Pickups are from Papakura South Auckland

Ill be happy to ship anything if you pick up the bill



Trademe have been really funny about commercial sanke kegs lately and are quite arsey about the I have six of these auction is for one, buyer can take all deals as well...


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