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Am I retarded and missed this or did Soren keep this shit under wraps?

Starts in like 8 minutes (4 pm NZ) if my (quite likely also retarded) calculations are correct.

Cheers and beers boys and girls.

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Thanks for posting this - its on now
Awsome. If you missed it and dont want to wait for ages for the podcast to be released then you might be able to play the video.
Argh! I missed it! I spend one day off line and this is what happens:) Anybody know where I can find it?
nevermind, I found the video stream. Man I hate hearing my own voice:)
ha ha, that's a universal truth isnt it?
Haha yeah, far better than them thinking we sound like Australians though!

Was good getting to watch the show live and hang out in the chat.
Aaargh, I missed it! Did they play a retarded-sounding request from some idiot for the beer at the beginning?
I missed that part but I do think some looney requested it;-) you can catch the video stream at:
starts about an hour in.

Love the "artistic liberties" but they got there in the end
Congrats Soren, quite an achievement!!


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