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Decided that I don't need it, got some great gear from BanksBrewing Hardware, so I have put this un-used HDPE mini brew HLT up on trademe to sell.



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These heavy cardboard tubes make ideal forms with the added bonus of being easilly able to cut a notch in one end to run the one vertical length of pipe up through the middle of the cardboard tube. Makes the job a lot easier.


Also the cheapest option I have seen regarding setting up for disconnects is to buy a standard brass hose fitting with male ends, cut in half and braze to both ends of the cooler! Standard Gardinia disconnects slip straight on. Cheap simple and effective; Like this example..



thats such a cool idea Des, good find
Those cardboard tubes look like they would work great, shipping would be a killer though outside of Auckland, I wonder what there from.

They look to be from Corus/Tata Metals I imagine they come in the centre of rolls of stainless sheet?

Depending on how big your kettle is the 530mm OD might be a bit big but a brilliant idea!

We have a Tata metals in welly might be worth giving them a call if it is what you are after.

Good spotting, yea good point, in using one of those 50 litre kegs and there just under 400mm wide, maybe they might have some smaller ones, its a shame because they would be really good

HTL/Mashtun up on trademe, but this time no reserve.



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