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Decided that I don't need it, got some great gear from BanksBrewing Hardware, so I have put this un-used HDPE mini brew HLT up on trademe to sell.



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"Transfers BTUs 100,000 times slower than stainless steel" ?
British Thermal Unit, Measure of energy loss. The amount of heat that is lost through the sides of the tank

Yea that's the only reference to BTUs I found but it didn't seem right as 100,000 times is a lot, if a stainless tank let 20 degrees of heat/energy out in an hour, I can't picture a HDPE one taking 100,000 hours to lose the same 20 degrees of heat/energy (100,000 hours is over 11 years!). 

Looks quite handy though, how hard is it to put in a element, and do you know how hard it would be to install a thermostat in it


Yeah "100,000 x" thats the Salesman exaggeration off the actual Minibrew site. Thought it was quite a long transfer time myself, but makes the point that it holds heat better than SS, glad some else caught it. 


Yes an element will screw right into the Tank, there is a 1" thread provided for it, also 1/2" thread for a thermowell. The whole tank, including lid, has 8 threaded holes in it to cater for all different types of configurations like a RIMs, so there are bungs for blanking of the non required holes. Being plastic, the threads are nice an tight as well. 


Only reason I am not using it, is that I already have a HLT up and running, and I initially brought this to convert to a Mashtun, but then scored another mash tun, so didn't need it.

Yea, although since they say based on BTU transfer rate high-density polyethylene (HDPE) it looks like the're trying to make it sound official. Being american the threads are probably NTP but the threads I've seen in NZ are BSP?

Woops NPT not NTP, wondering if NZ fittings, BSP valves, and not sure what the elements would be, would fit in the american threads?


Hi Sam, I just checked the thread, and yes BSP fits okay, HDPE is a nice tight fit, so I tried the 1/2" plastic barb provided with the HTL into my BSP hardware just to be absolutely positive, and it all fits, as per pics. I know its a pain NTP - BSP, for that reason I use tri-clover connections, so that I am not limited with US components that I buy.


Dam just missed the auction, side tracked looking at immersion cooler designs (just got the copper pipe today), I see it didn't sell though, how much do you want for it?
I put it up for a fixed price offer for 1 day of $175 to the 30 watchers. Where you one of the watchers?
cool how much pipe did you get, I used 10m in mine, and I made it by wrapping it around a corny keg, but welded the 90deg bends up.

Cool how long does it take to cool the wort? 15 metres of 12.7od from brass123, don't have much to bend it around, and haven't got a keging system yet for that method but found a old tin of deck oil I might try to bend it around, and planning on using a pipe bender for the 90 degree bends and flare fittings.

Tempting, bad timing for it to pop up only done one all grain brew (which is fermenting now) so not sure wether to go for it yet, although after a few more goes the time saving will likely become more appealing, not sure about HDPE vs stainless etc either. Would have probably met the reserve, I'll probably have a look at element, thermostat, and thermo-well etc (if I can find thermo-wells)  prices tomorrow if I get the chance to see if its worth me getting it yet. Do the fitting screw all the way in.

Now I need to find some quick disconnects for the cooler! 

My wort cooler takes boiling point down to 20 deg within 10mins, and that just using cold tap water, so it is pretty efficient, however I have extremely cold tap water.


Get a mate to help hold the pipe while you bend it, as it takes a bit of effort, and it will spring back. Just use washing machine hoses for the cooler, or garden house.


Yes the fitting screw all the way in, I didn't screw then all the way in on the photo as I only hand tightened them.


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