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$50+GST / month


40L 2 Tier Full Mash All Grain Home brewery. 40L Stainless steel Electric thermostatically controlled hot liquor tank with a 2.4kw Element, insulated, can also be set up to boil. Mash Tun is a Rubbermaid 10 Gal Cooler with perforated plate false bottom. Kettle is a 50L Sanke keg with a 3Kw Element installed. 15m Copper Whirlpool immersion chiller. Pump is a 25L/m Magnetic drive pump. Hoses are all food grade reinforced plastic with Neta hose fittings on all ends and on all tank ends. Frame is just good old h3 dressed timer on caster wheels, Brew house is very very easy to use, 90% Efficiency regularly achieved with no stress, constant temperature through mash and sparge water, fast run off makes it easy to brew. Has brewed many of good homebrews from light lagers, IPA’s to Imperial Stouts. Brew House can brew between 15 and 40L of single mash beer with no dilution. Mill not included, Photo was of first stage but you get the Idea, will add a current photo of it soon 

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Not sure how much I want for it im a little emotionally attached to the thing, I know how much new 3 teir ones sell for here in NZ (over 3K) and IMO my one is far supperior. Its going on trademe with a $1000.00 reserve. Its plug and play really, You dont een have to go to the servy to fill up your gas bottle!  
bro why you selling your gear
Just want to make a New Brewhouse, dont know why? just thought I should do it aye.


   I did a brew recently here in Picton and had a mate of mine came and help me and I said I'd lend him my gear to try a brew. He is suitably enthusiastic to get into the AG brewing and I just told him about yout equipment. He is quite keen and wondered about the price. What would be your buy now price do you think and do you have any notion about costs of getting the gear down to Picton?



Hi Mike, I'm the one that asked you about your second kettle on trademe. I'm keen, also unless you want an auction I'm happy bypassing trademe if that suits you - avoid them taking a large commission! Do you have any photos of it, I'm curious what the whirlarm is / looks like etc, so the bsp is the tap (does it come with the valve?), and the whirl arm is something that spins / stirs the wort? Do you have any spare gas burners you want to sell, or know where sells the appropriate ones? Also I'm going to have to brew in the porch and slightly worried about windy Wellington blowing stuff into the beer, can the lid be left on, or partly on during boil, or is this bad for the beer (maybe some wire mesh over the hole would work to help keep stuff out, but let steam out?) 

Are you in Upper Hutt like it says in your listing? I could pickup this week, but from Sunday I'm going to be away on a course for 12 days, could pickup after this though.




yeah the whirlarm is an extension off too the side of the kettle to facilitate a whirlpool it has a bsp socket welded to a 1inch pipe which is welded to the side of the kettle, it will need a valve and a pump. but you can boil in a another vessel and use this as a mash tun and whirlpool, the possibilties are endless with well designed kit. You dont have to use it, it just a foresight thing and you can use it when you upgrade your plant. This type of whirlpool is better then a whirlpool type immersion chiller, they are good at keeping things in contact but post cooling the defeat their purpose.  


Things falling into the kettle have to be pretty heavy item such as hops!! as the action of the steam currents force the shet out of the way.


I still have to finish the kettle its all tacked up and just needs to be finished, I do have a spare burner if you want it as well. or if you want any thing on the kettle let uis know.


yeah im in Upper hutt pm for contact details. 

Here is the Kettle for Sale

Cool, so to make a whirlpool does the wort get pumped from the tap to the side whirl-arm and this motion creates the whirl pool? So I'l need to get a valve for the whirlarm to block the hole for now, and a tap and it should be water tight and ready for use, can I get these from a plumbing shop and do they screw on/ in ?(is there a socket for a tap to be connected, or just on the whirl-arm?). What is the thing poking up on top of the keg? Cheers

Thats your handle for the lid poking up the top, yip all you need is 1 valve for whirlarm to block it off for now, and there is a socket welded on the arm. I have a valve for the bottom socket and I have placed the socket a little higher in the wall for additional accsesories for the kettle later.



Still excited as hell after picking up this AG Home brewery last night, I think Mike (and his cat) were sad to see it go.


Total newbie to brewing, so going to be some 'interesting' liquids being made over the coming months.

Mike being the top bloke that he is, threw in a couple of beers - if I can get close to that quality I'll be stoked.


Thanks again Mike - will be in touch once I get all the kit together and am ready to get cracking on a first brew.  Hopefully sooner rather that later so you don't get home brewing withdrawals while waiting for your new kit!


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