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Given my plans for world domination never took off, I've got 2 x 50L kegs (spear removed) sitting in the garage gathering dust. I've stuck with my third keg as a boiler and haven't had time to bring the other two online so prior to biffing them onto Trademe am happy to offer them to the good folks here first. Am presuming CChurch peeps only pickup given the cost to ship them out of town.


I'm looking to get back what I paid for them which was $100 each.


One was bought from a scrappy who swore blind he never had any - then a mutual friend strolled in and picked me one up !!


The other came from a bar in CChurch through another contact.


If you want to use them as a boiler then you'll need to grind the top out as I did with the first one ( or get someone to plasma cut them which is a lot faster.)


Overall very good and used condition. Few dings but nothing that stops them sitting flat or being used to make great beer. They sit very well on a 3 or 4 ring burner.


If you can reply to this letting me know your interst then first come, first served. Prefer to see them go to different homes as I know how tough it was trying to find them a couple of years ago. 





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don't you just buy a keg from the liquor shop. drink it and not return the keg lol?


only $30 for a keg that way..

Do you still have these? I'd be keen for one

Hi Andrew


Still got them gathering some dust in the garage. I'll pm you some contact details. Cheers

Hi are these still available?

Hi Tom.

Sorry. Both gone. Scrap dealers definitely best bet but from experience, walk in face to face and deal with them. If you call or email the standard response was, sorry we can't sell them. None of the breweries had any, even the ones they scrapped now and again - very reluctant to offer them up or sell at the time I was looking. Tried some friends who were drinks reps as well and they couldn't help. 

Speights brewery in Dunedin have them for $35. Just ring them and they will let you know when they have one - might be worth a trip down if you need a couple or grab a few and sell the others to cover your costs. Usually takes about 2 weeks for them to come up with them. Only problem is sometime you get the ones with rubber on them.


Great thanks for the info!


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