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2" Tri Clamp gaskets with one side flat to suit sanke keg - anyone know where to get these?


Does anyone know where to get these locally, they're available from the states but costs $30NZ in postage even if only getting one.   http://www.brewershardware.com/F1GASSIL.html

Alternatively I have been considering doing a large order from brewers hardware if anyone else in Wellington is keen to do a bulk buy. Above a certain level a large amount of medium sized gear or some large gear can can be added before going into the next shipping bracket. (Pumps, tri clamps - up to 12", cip spray balls, cam and groove fittings etc)


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Have you emailed and asked for a shipping cost? When I did that they came back with a much more sensible cost than was worked out automatically.

You can shave one side off a standard silicon gasket using a sharp blade. If its still a little uneven a fine sand paper can smooth it out  ( I use one like this and never had any problems)

I've also done this to the solid PTFE and PTFE envolope triclamp gaskets. works a treat with knife only, no problems.

Cheers for the help guys

I'll try emailing them for a better shipping cost, but will likely try shaving a gasket as it sounds more cost effective. I've heard of people shaving the hard teflon ones (I think PTFE is teflon?) but have only seen the softer EPDM ones in stock, although if you can shave soft silicone and get a good seal sounds like I should be able to do EPDM. 

Are you guys using a sanke as a fermenter too? I'm currently in the process of installing a corny lid in mine for cleaning (wasn't possible to put the corny lid in centre)

A EPDM is 1.50 from steel and tube. If you only need 1 silicon I could post you one. I have a few spares or try stilldragon ( Aussie based). They are 1.50 and good to deal with. Would prob be happy to post it out to you

Cheers for the offer James, I got some EPDM ones so will stick with them for now and order some proper ones eventually (hopefully as part of another order).

Quite a rough finish on the epdm washer but should do for now

just use a std tri clamp seal and with a sharp knife cut the ring off one side . work good for me


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