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1st biab is in the bag or should it be in the sink???

Hello everybody, blind mistake (u know, lights r on but no ones home), took the noobe's recipe from BC's site, 4.6 of this & .250 of that, ordered 5kg pale ale UK & 1kg crystal,149 EBC. Prept for the day,strike waters up to temp, mix the crushed grains together, then I remember 4.6 so I remove .400g, dough-in, the day go's on..., laying in bed ahhh, I put in the full kilo of crystal & all the PA ( - the 400). How will this scenario effect the final out come? Some more info for your conclusion, OG 1.060 (no pre-boil gravity taken, noobie), sparged (thanx Rev) with 4ltr's(H2O,77*c), hop flavour, aroma? (cascade 56g), pitched rehydrated yeast (US-05,11g) could I have used more?. Finally 23ltrs into barrel, from 26ltr pre boil, 4ltr sparge, 1.5-2ltr drippings from the bag, cheers :-)

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haha did that make any sense at all? from the one part i understood of your post, having 1kg of crystal malt in a brew will most likely make it really sweet and probably a bit syrupy.

One of my first BIAB was a 12 litre batch with 1.75 kg pale and 0.5 kg crystal. Was alright, bit malty but still drinkable. I wouldn't worry to much just remember next time

Yea you never forget your first ;-) cheers Matt.
Itll be fine mate, maybe a bit sweet, but its all a learning curve. Crystal malt will ferment alot more than people think, so youll find you have more of an American amber than a pale ale, so, in saying that, why not dry hop with some cascade??
Took a sample 1.022 after 3 days, my wife likes it so yea its sweet but not OTT, hops are coming through which is good. Jo also mentioned dry hopping, so sounds like a plan, cheers for your input mate, have a good one.


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