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Does anybody know if there is someone who makes conical fermentors on the homebrewer scale in nz? or does anyone have expereince with ordering these from overseas? what sort of prices etc

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Sorry guys I didn't see this post.  I have a couple of options, one is a simple wrap sround jacket the other it to build a coil into the body of the fermentor.  I'll post when we get a prototype up and running.  Be a few weeks away yet and work is startign to bite into my fermentor time :(

Maybe my wife will let me be a stay at home husband so I can dedicate more time...

> stay at home husband

I think you mean domestic engineer.


Steel toe cap slippers :p

Yeah I'm dead keen to see one in the flesh. Yell out when you're ready.

Me too - I've been lurking with intent on this thread...

more interest here for the small plastic fermenters.  very impressive work!

Hopefully not to far away now, I'll probably have to show the retailers before I get a clear indication on price, but I am expecting them to be around $100 or so, depend son the lids, for some reason they are really $$$

You can buy them without one though, easy enough to make some thing else that will work

I'll throw my hat in as well... I'm pretty keen to see how the stainless ones come out! 

I'm keen if the price is right.

Just a quick update, signed off on the plastics today, should have a prototype in three weeks.  Will post photos and feed back from beer club then.  Very excited!  35 litre tank with 1 1/2' port at the bottom, min 5mm thich walls of tough foodgrade plastic, smooth as a babies bum!  4x threaded inserts in each quadrant.  Heavy duty seal and lid (which will take some pressure).  Optional handle too for you old buggas with bad backs.  Inserts can be used for almost anything (handle, legs, fixing lid straps, holding loops for c02 exhaust etc.). 

Plasic specs:-

360mm OD

660mm high (top of tank to bottom of port)

Flat face in cone for additional bulkhead if required


Stainless prototype will hopefully arrive next week, I'll get some photos out on that too if I can hold back from installing it in the workshop...


I might look to issue 10 stainless as promo the following week at a cheap rate to get some feedback, PM me if your keen, first come first served.  Its the tank only, no lid or hardware at this stage but a great unit to start with.  Finished with a 1 1/2" BSP nipple at the bottom and highly polished interior.

Stainless specs

305mm OD

580mm high (top of tank to bottom of nipple)

1.5mm thick stainless (304 I think but might be 316)

They'll be approx. $320 each promo, depending on shipping and gst.


Feels like its finally getting there...

I'll follow up with the 70 litre tank and cooling jacket shortly, the 70 litre tank might have to wait until I have cleared the dept on these two first though so feel free to buy a dozen of each... 



zing! put me down for a plastic ASAP.

Put me down for a stainless. Keith


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