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Ladies and Gentlemen start your burners! Entries are now open for the 2008 SOBA National HomeBrew Championship. Entries will close on 31 July 2008. Judging will be done during August and results announced at the SOBA HomeBrewFest, which this year will be during the BrewNZ week - first week of September.

For entry forms and more information please see www.soba.org.nz

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So entries had to be in by last Friday, how many did you get?
Wide ranging styles? any particular crazy beers?
What's the plan, judging this weekend and then.....?

And then .. Sit back, quaff a few, wait for the van to turn up with your year of beer :-)
You're sounding pretty confident there jt ;-)
I could be waiting a while Mr Cherry ...
Hi Rob,

Any news? I'm now waiting with baited breath for the results!

Is there going to be a shindig of some sort or will we just be notified via email?
Judging is this Saturday. I guess we'll have results on Monday, probably posted here and sent to the SOBA email list.
Any idea when the results will be posted?
I really need to be put out of my misery! shoot me now and get it over with!!!!
I know how you feel, my guts are churning. And it isn't just last night's curry.
Just had a phonecall from rob, the results will likely coincide with a homebrewfest in a couple of weeks, as hard as it may be try and forget about results till then.

Unfortunately for me Rob's phonecall was bad news, my entries just arrived this morning due to the packaging being damaged in the post and it having to be repacked.Will splash out and use a courier next time, NZpost is too rough.
Nevermind theres always next year I guess! ;(
Shit Dan, that sucks mate. Bad luck. Damn NZ Post.
Bummer!!! You must be gutted :=(

Had you brewed much specifically for the comp, any tripple decoction lagers full of blood sweat & tears?

Hopefully you'll still be able to get some feedback from a judge?
A little gutted, although there was no outstanding entries from me this year, 12 entries, all pretty average I think and no decoctions either, was a bit lazy.
Will still get feedback so all is not lost.
Called Nz post, one of the bottles had cracked and destroyed the box, they were nice enough to bubble wrap each remaining bottle, rebox and send it on, just too late.


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