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Since this is the most popular thread on the RealBeer.co.nz forum I thought I would start it here just to see what happens

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Ironman Ordinary Bitter, to take up to Taupo in early March as a post-Ironman thirst quencher for my mate Sam (RateBeer's 'TheGrandMaster'), who is doing Ironman on about 10 weeks training. He brewed his own Strong Dark Mild at my brewery a couple of weeks ago but ironmen cannot recover on mild alone (no matter how big a fan of mild they are). I'll climb Ngarauhoe - either on the Ironman day or the day before - so I'll need a little quenching too.

Style Nazis need to know that I'd run out of pale malt and decided to use up some leftover hops, so have experimented slightly.

1.6kg Pale Ale
2.4kg Munich I
2.4kg Munich II
0.32kg Crystal (Med)
Mashed 67c
10g Sauvin @ 60min
30g Cascade, 25g Sauvin and 15g Fuggles @ 15min
40L split between two fermenters, half a packet of S04 each (as per MrMalty's recommendation).
Nice creamy krausen building now.

I was thinking of calling it "Just an ordinary New Zealand Ordinary", in honour of Ed... but I didn't.
Today its the White Rino Imperial IPA (to be known as Alfreds Stock Ale after this batch)


5kg Golden Promise
5kg Weyerman Pils


90g Super Alpha (60min)
100g NZ Cascade (40min)
50g Willamete (20min)
50g Wllamete (10min)
50g NZ Hallertau (5min)
50g NZ Hallertau (1min)
100g NZ Cascade (1min)

Burtonised the liquor , about to sparge now.

Might give Mr Miller a bottle.
Well after a few months hiatus involving a torrid affair moving a house, the brewing has recommenced. I was looking for something like a biere de garde, you know like 3 monts but was also keen for some hops like Nelson Sauvin, so I thought....

Raymond's Strong Golden Ale
4.5kg Pilsner
1.5kg Vienna
0.5kg Wheat
1kg sugar
styrian goldings @ 60
Nelson Sauvin @ 15
NZ Saaz B @ 0
Any thought on where it could be improved, a bit concerned there might be too much going on.
Which yeast?
Well the cupboard is a bit bare so its just a sachet of S-04.
Hard to say but two variance from Biere de Garde pop out at me:
Little to no hop aroma - so, depending on how much you dropped in, you'll probably be off the mark here.
Low to moderate esters - S04 will probably be too estery, though with a erally long cold conditioning you might just get away with it.

Looks interesting. Maybe a bit much variation going on in the hop department, for a first up effort at least.
Any idea how this is turning out yet?
Hmmm I might be a bit silly brewing in Welly's heat .. but what better way to celebrate Anniversary day than with a brew.
Got up at 7.00 this morning, just got to sort the clutter out in the yard this afternoon when it's all drip dried.
Brewed Brown Beer, 3.6kg pale 0.275 med crystal 0.025 chocolate & 0.100 wheat.
Super Alpha @60 Willamette @ 30 @ 15 and then Styrians @5 min.

Used the 2300W element right through the boil and lost the predicted 15% to evap and got the target OG of 1.040 when I back liquored upto 23 litres - happy brewer today :-)

Kieran, I thought you were off Cascade - you taken a fancy to it again ?

cheers, jt
Well, in the spirit of participating, and bearing in mind I'm a total newbie, I've concocted something out of -

1.5k Amber Malt Extract
1k raw cane sugar
22g Syrian Golding (3/4 added at start, 1/4 added at end of boil)
12g cascade in a funny teabag thing just before pitching
safale s-04

This was my best guess at something that might turn out a bit like a Summer Lightning clone, but I managed to burn a bit of the malt on the way into the pan and I daresay it's going to turn out so far off target as to be frankly laughable. But hell, I'm learning...
Hey Nice Work Richard,

A good way to start, what does ever go right the 1st time huh?

Still learning.Brew 125 is in planning.

Keep at it and enjoy your results.

I wish I'd counted my batches. It never occurred to me, and now I can't celebrate any milestones! If I had to guess, I'd say I'm on around 60 or 70, but it's hard to know.
First crack at a Belgian Pale Ale. Untitled, thus far.
90% Maris Otter
6% Munich 2
4% Dark Crystal
Mashed at 66c
All styrian goldings (60min and 15min). The first 90min boil I've had in a while.
OG 1.050, IBU 22.
Two fermenters - one with a pack of Safale T-58 and the other with Safale K-97.

12hours in:
T-58 is fermenting solidly at 21c and smells delicious.
K-97, always the slow starter, is creating a solid looking mass at the bottom of the 19c fermenter but not showing its hand yet.


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