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Since this is the most popular thread on the RealBeer.co.nz forum I thought I would start it here just to see what happens

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Just put down my first proper All Grain batch today...after having done BIAB for a few goes after extract and kits for a number of years. So first use of my new set up too. Very simple; Plastic fermenter HLT, Chilly Bin Mash Tun and Stovetop boil in pot. Only did a 10Lt batch to test the set up.

All went really well, apart from it taking a bit longer than I would like getting used to the gear and fly sparging etc...also havent got my IC yet so chilling in the Bath added about an hour to the brew day...oh well all was very fun indeed.

Recipe (from AHB website) - Dr Smurtos Golden Ale;

10Lt batch

1.25kg Pilsner Malt

0.5kg Wheat

0.5kg Munich I

0.1kg Caramunich I

8g Amarillo @ 60m

12g Amarillo @ 10m

15g Amarillo @ 5m

US-05 @ 18degC

First time fermenting in my new fermtation fridge too now my STC-1000 is up and running...

Cant wait till its time to bottle and then to drink...hope it all works out!

Felt nostalgic today. So, I made a Cooper's Real Ale tin. Hopefully it is drinkable. As a picky all grain brewer, I think I will end up tipping this. Nevertheless, I did run a boil with LME, and boiled 1oz of cascade hops for 15 minutes, and added another 1oz at 0 minutes.

To have this like a true kit brew, I did not do any mash though. Obviously, I will be adding US-04 instead of the Cooper's yeast.

During this process, I found that my newly acquired fermenter does not fit into my chamber. It looks like I will be sticking with better bottles and glass carboys for the foreseeable future.

He hehe, it's not too late, pull a few litres from the fermenter and ferment with the Coopers yeast, save for Chris, he'll think its, umm, errrr, well, special?

I could save it up and share it at the next North Welly brewers get together. ;)


I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  The biggest problem will be oxidation but the hops will mask it reasonably well.  I doubt it will be awesome but it might be good enough to make you consider doing it again when time is limited and beers supplies are low.  Happens to me all the time :)

The '05 version will be ok I reckon, done a few similar myself but with Motuka.

The Real Ale kit is quite tasty. Especially when young I reckon

Some kind of Saison.

85% Pilsner

15% Wheat Malt

0.something% chocolate for colour

OG 1.053


Saaz to 25ibu

Wyeast 3711 French Saison (helpfully hand delivered from the USA)

Currently fermenting at 30-32 deg.


I'm slightly excited.


Did an awesome saison in November. 

Dont have the numbers in front of me but mostly nz pilsner, a bit of wheat malt, a bit of munich and a tiny amount of caramunich. 

Used Hallertauer to 35 IBU (rager)

Used Wyeast 3726

Started at OG1.055 ended at 1.006

FANTASTIC beer.  Really awesome. Its already in line for a rebrew. It didnt last very long

It would be interesting to do a split batch and see how the various Saison and Biere De Garde yeasts compare... could call for a beer swap.

I've only brewed a half batch (11L) to see how it goes, so I guess I'll be harvesting the yeast for the next batch.

Yeah i thought i grabbed some yeast out of mine, but clearly i was dreaming or something. Sucks cause its an awesome yeast, and one of the private colection strains. So i cant readily get it again.  Oh well.

Will try it again with a different saison yeast for sure. Might do a split with the Belgian and French saison yeasts.

It's currently at 1.000 after 4 days... I guess it's finished.


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