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Since this is the most popular thread on the RealBeer.co.nz forum I thought I would start it here just to see what happens

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hey, good to hear Mr Cherry !

And I'm glad to see you continuing the Sharp ! them, good beer
Cheers jt. I haven't finished with the Sharp theme yet either, Next up could be Styrian & Simcoe, S-Sharp.
I'm planning another low gravity clone of Stu's American Porter for this weekend.
The first attempt is still in the keg and it's a bit of a novelty having a 5% beer on tap, tastes good and I'm trying to make it last.

But I want to tinker with it. The 1.050 version was good, but at 70% or so IBU to OG, needed a bit more 60 minute grit to it, so I'm upping that.
Also going to go with the Styrian Goldings additions at 15 and power off.
There's nothing wrong with all that Cascade, but I'm picking that the SG's will add the other dimension that I remembered in the commercial release that wasn't in my LGC
Sounds good jt. Did you consider both cascade and styrian for the late additions?
There's both Mr Cherry
After the bittering addition there's
cascade @ 30 & 20
Styrian @ 15
Cascade @ 10 & 5
Styrian @ 0

The grainbill is close'ish to the original
79% pale - malturop not MO
10% Munich I - not Munich II from memory
4.5% Crystal 55L
3% Pale Chocolate
2% Chocolate
1.5% Black Patent
Oh, i understand now. Looks very nice.
How low are you going on the OG?
With good efficiency and a hard boil I should repeat the 1049 or 1050 that I got in the first attempt

A ways short of the real thing, but if I can get the right balance of the gravity and hops I'll be happy
Advice required, I'm bottling my Maximus Clone tonight. Its slowly meandered down to 1.012 and had been dry hopped for 7 days. When I went to but some finings in last night most of the hops are still floating on top of the beer. I guess some CO2 may be keeping them afloat? Anyway, should I rack the beer off into something else before I bottle? Give the fermenter a swirl to see if the hops will settle out? Any ideas...
I had the same issue ... I finned and gave the hops a gentle stir in, they were all pretty well settled out come morning.
Put the whole fermenter in the fridge overnight and they'll be at the bottom in the morning - just in time for you to bottle.
I find that giving the fermenter a little 'bump' every now and then tends to set some of the dry hops free from their floating prison and they start sinking. It's quite obvious in a glass fermenter.
Hey thanks for that.


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