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Since this is the most popular thread on the RealBeer.co.nz forum I thought I would start it here just to see what happens

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Brewing with the same hops, different schedule, in a kit for Baylands 350

Sauvin at 60

Mot at 10

Mot and Riwaka at 1

Mot Riwaka and Sauvin dry

really nice combo

what yeast did you use?

surprising but  many NZ Pils brewed with ale yeast commercially for quicker turnaround

I've cheated down with US-05 on a number of pilsners and they have come out well.  Just fermented at the low end of their range (15/16C), and not rushed the ferment.

I used US-05 for my Psuedo NZ PIls but I'm now planning on a rebrew with  MJ M54.

' has the ability to ferment at ale temperatures without the associated off flavours. Extended lagering periods are also not required.'

M54 Sounds perfect, is that really how it performs ?

M76 BAVARIAN LAGER is good if you have temp control

Tasted two good beers now with this, one was a WBC competition winner.

Yea, have temp control, it's just patience I lack.

Brewed with 05, as an ale.

thinking about a Pils with the MJ cali common yeast, whatever that is, or 05.

any recommendations or suggestions ?

I've had several US05 brews stop at 1.020.  I transferred the last one a Rye PA onto a fresh W2112 (CaliCommon) yeast pack at 22degC and it went to FG1.010. I don't use US05 any more.  Favourites are.  APAs & IPA's W1450 Denny's 50.  Steam beers W2112 Cali common.  Pilsners W2278 Czech Pils, Hefes W3068 Weihenstefan, Saisons W3711.    

1272 American Ale II is real clean in any beer if a big pitch at lower end of the temp range 16.5-17C

Got a similar NZ Pils recipe I've made a few times now and like it a lot. Recipe came from Newtown Brewhouse.  Thanks Aiden.

It typically uses all Weyermann but the latest I used Gladfields base Malt as I wanted to get a low residual sugar beer and added Dry Enzyme when the yeast was pitched.  Still tastes refreshing and very good and is very nearly gone, again.

ABV 5.8% but latest used 4.5kg base Malt with dry enzyme, for ABV<4.8% 21L into the fermenter.    

5.3kg Pilsner

265g Carapils

115g Melanoiden

campden tablet & 1TBS 5.2Ph Enhancer in the MT. No other water treatment.  Mash at 2.6L/kg

75min Mash at 67degC, 30min recirculation starting at 67deg C and raising to 76degC Mash Out, 90min boil.

60min Hops 12g Pac Jade

20min Hops 10g each Mot, Riwaka, NSav

10min Hops 10g ea: Mot, Riwaka, NSav 1/4tsp Supermoss, 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient

0 min Hops  15g ea: Mot, Riwaka, NSav

Whirlpool 20 mins until temp ~85degC.  then cool through CFC to ~18 => fermenter and into the fridge set to 7degC.

No dry hops is my preferrence now.

Got 23L into the fermenter at OG1.054

2L starter Wyeast W2278 Czech Pils 24 hrs before.  

Aerate & pitch full 2L at 7degC raising over 3 days to 10degC.  Typically leave in the fermenter for 3 weeks then transfer to a keg with 1tsp gelatine dissolved to clear. 

Carb for a week at 15lbs then to taste.

The dry enzyme is taking the latest beer to SG1.007 within 2 weeks.   ABVs are approx.  

My system is based on the Brutus20 design.  All electric. 56L kettle/2x2.4kW elements, PID control, pump, counterflow chiller and 38L insulated Mash Tun.  Sort of a bigger Grainfather. 

The Nelson Sav, Motueka and Riwaka hop mix seems the be very moorish

All this talk of Pilsner, I brewed a nice summery Imperial stout today. :D

Based on 8wireds iStout but downsized a little, partly because of the Grainfathers capacity and partly because a keg of 10% beer just seemed a little OTT...

To keep with the theme though, I've done a couple of pilsners recently with the MJ Bohemian Lager yeast and I've found it really good. I've been using the Brulosophy method of bring it gradually up to ~20C after the fermentation is over 50% done, then cold crash and keg. The last one with Mot and Sauvin didn't even last long enough to be considered "lagered" but to my uneducated palate it tasted great. Going to do one with Centennial some time in the next few weeks, I think the US hops work well in small doses if you're not a style nazi.


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