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Since this is the most popular thread on the RealBeer.co.nz forum I thought I would start it here just to see what happens

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Brewing my house brown today with hopefully some refinements.

If I haven't forgotten something I have brewed along the way then my next brew will be my 50th 100% all grain. Any suggestions? Still wondering if I stick to my schedule of stout, brown ale, IPA & ESB or step outside to something exotic. Temps are almost down enough to throw down some lagers.

I usually screw up when I try something too far outside the box. If it was me I'd do my favourite

Lol, probably sound advice that I will follow. I think I will hold off until July to hit the lagers, so ESB or Brown Ale methinks.

Sort of special brew this morning, maybe a celebration of North Welly brew supplies.

Firstly a couple of upgrades to the pots, pans and cobbled together six years ago for my first allgrain.
Upgraded to a 35 litre pot and got some brass123 copper bent up by Banksy.

Bairds Pale and '05 from Aidan up the road at Baylands

94% Bairds Pale
6% Caramalt
Pacific Jade to bitter then a combo of Sauvin, Pacifica and Motueka at 20 10 and 1
1046 and 46 BU with the '05

Pretty much a repeat of the last pale, just the increase in gravity

Everything worked well and tastes good!

A complete F'up at the moment.


I thought I would try out something new... resulting in a grain grinder that would not grind.  1.5 hours of pissing about finally got my grains crushed.

Run over my finger with the grinder... nothing serious.

Leak on my kettle ball valve.

Burn the arm on the kettle trying to fix the leak.

and I forgot to compensate for the 6C temp todays with the Mash. Lots of running from the stove with extra boiling water... what fun.


good thing it is nothing too important..... like a competition beer.  Only the sparge and boil to go... what could go wrong.?

BTW I don't normally drink when brewing... F and F again, that.

Yikes.  Shocker of a day.  Makes my bricked sparge seem like a trivial kerfuffle.  I try to reassure myself those days are a lesson in brewing.  It never makes me feel any better :)

I had similar the other day. I was doing a 10 minute Zythos IPA and took an extra 7.5 liters of hot water to hit 66 and post sparge I went to ramp up for the boil and ran out of gas... I had ditched some beer to try and get a boil going so topped up with water when I got back and then had to chuck in some dex to get points back! 

At least it seems to be bubbling away with a pack of the US05 and another of the new Mangrove Jacks to try and rip through it...

Also at least I didn't mash too high like I did with the previous brew... Hopefully FAIL Beer makes good beer!

At least I landed the OG just a couple of points higher than target... not too bad in the end.

.. and the new wort immersion chiller I built worked a treat.. so a couple of positives. All and all the brew took me 3 hours longer than normal....


Funny thing is some of my 'cockup' brews end up tasting so damn fine... so here is hoping.

Yeah I am also hoping for that. I was aiming for 1.057 to start with and then part way through it was only 1.052 so dex got it to 1.062. With all the hops (160g @ 10 mins and 40@ whirlpool) it should taste pretty nice I am hoping!


I hope this turns into a pleasant surprise as mine was about 2 hours extra. As they say: At best you make beer and at worst you make beer. Can't really go wrong with that...

Berlinerweiss :)

40L batch, OG 1.03

3.35 kg pils malt
2.4 kg wheat malt

Decoction mash (protein rest & light body saccarification)

15 minute boil with 4 IBU of tettnanger (I know I know but I'm not brave enough to do a no-boil). 

Wyeast Lacto in the fermenter, followed by Nottingham. I'll split into two secondary fermenters, I'll leave one straight and I'm considering fruiting one (a la watermelon warhead).

Should be a quick brew...

Sounds great! Let me know how it turns out, I'd really like to have a go at a Berlinerweiss.

40L, your a brave man. I would love to brew one but Id have to do my homework first.


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