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Hi everyone,

Haven't been around for a while - it's been a busy time. I've finally got the kegorator cleaned up and fired up at my new flat, so all is well again.

Looking to brew this weekend, and I'd like to see if anyone wants to swap some grain. I brought a 25kg sack of Munich and would like to trade a lot of this for some other specialty malts. In particular I'd like a good quantity of medium crystal and some dark/chocolate malt.

Anyway, I'd only like to be left with around 5kg of Munich, so I'm keen to do plenty of swapping. Make an offer!

If anyone can meet up Thursday night or Anzac day morning for a swap, that would be great.


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Got a kg bag of Brewcraft Chocolate for Christmas still unopened. Could do with a kg (or two) of Munich, swap or buy
hey dude i've got some dark malt (carafa type 1, uk chocolate, roasted barely) could probably spare a couple of kgs for some munich but i won't be in welle for a couple of weeks at least. if you're in palmy anytime soon give me a holler otherwise if you don't mind waiting we can do a swap sometime


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