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$50+GST / month


Seen something on Trademe that others maybe interested in...post it here

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Resurrecting an old thread.

Electric Brewery Control panel setup. Really good price, can vouch for the seller as well. Top bloke


That looks like it could be an epic bargain, I have one but someone here should jump on this.

I would love to, but I am a couple years away from going Electric, and I have been spending WAY to much on brewing over the last year

Quite tempting. I already have an electric HLT and boil kettle, as well as a pump.

I *might* just go backwards a little bit though and go with a Guten or Grainfather, as I am getting too old for all of the lifting and cleaning now.

Nothing wrong with a Grainfather from what I hear.

Nice and simple.

For some reason, I love to do things the hard way

I recently bought a grainfather to simplify my brewday, its great.. less lifting, cleaning and smaller footprint, and the build quality is good for the price

I am right on the line whether it will be a guten or grainfather. 

Is the build quality that much better on the grainfather?

I dont know anything about the guten, never seen one advertised or in person or in the shops, maybe you being in wellington could find shops with them and compare? The  grainfather is very popular, that  says alot, there parts and upgrades are easily found, and its a nz company, i guess it comes down to cost

One of JoKing's old setups by the looks.

If one were to make the step to pro, how much more kit would you need?


That is so tempting! JoKing made my first brew pot and a BIAB bag for me back when he was doing homebrew supply.

I know. I would be living the dream if I bought that setup

Although it would probably turn into a nightmare :)


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