Want to place an ad email luke@realbeer.co.nz
$50+GST / month


Seen something on Trademe that others maybe interested in...post it here

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Yeh Rev - I hope its just due to making space for a Farra/Williams Warn setup.  If not sorry to hear it.

Argh I know I shouldn't sell, but it's such a good kit and deserves to be used :/

Its a combination of new baby due soon plus one existing, new job which is busy as and involves working all sorts of hours and over 50/60 hours a week on
average, as well as the fact guys like Luke, Joseph, Mike, Steve, Stu that make such awesome beer that I can buy down the road where as I never used to be able to..

So there it is - but - I'm not sellin my 71L pot and Jet burner ;) so we'll see.......

Put a pic up now, shows everything apart from the mill and a few small things.

Mate. It's a sad day indeed.

50/60 hours a week with a young family — you need some better work stories!

Gotta earn that money so I can afford to pay rent in Auckland lol

That'd make a nice HLT!

for those that live in the area


This has been on there for a while and keeps getting re-listed, might make a good conical fermenter for someone.


wyeast, amarillo and citra for sale on trade me


amarillo is awesome but $3 per 10g yikes


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