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I was having a nose at Emersons brewery site and i see that Liquorland Tauranga
is a outlet for there beer :) and carring epic and a wide range of imported beers so the guy tells me..So im keen to rip down there today and have a look around ..
Ive had Emersons pilsner....What other Emersons beers do you guys suggest i should have a go at? At $6 a bottle i want to make the right choice hahah.
Any other imported beers i should keep a eye out for?


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Well you can't go past the APA first up - but jeez Daza, you've really got to try them all !

cheers, jt
Im with ya all the way Jt with trying them all hahha .
Really, try them all. I couldn't possibly single any out. But if I could, 1812, Maris gold, London porter, APA, booky, geez there's just no point...
Well in enjoyed the APA ..Really enjoyed the bookbinder, So ill pick up another couple over the weekend :)
I love All the Emersons i have tried i still tink the Pils is Awesome


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