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What is your process for cleaning your kegs beer lines etc in your kegging system..
And what cleaning products do you use?


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I use the exact same method as Barry.

Recently took all my kegs apart and cleaned them. I'm glad I did as there was some funny looking junk under the valves
Used a 22mm socket (a long one - std ones won't fit over).
Some of my "in" valves required 24mm. They had a different star-shape rather than standard hexaganol. A couple of these wouldn't budge

9 kegs all up. 7 in excellent condition. One needs some work done on the lid (arms need bending) and another needs a new relief valve. It may be that I can work something out between the two and have to lose a keg but I'm not sure yet. No point buying a new lid, seeing as I can buy a reconditioned keg for the same price.
I've given my new kegs 2 good soaks with napisan and keg/line cleaner respectively. However when I open the kegs after a few hours there is still a strong sugar smell from the pepsi which used to inhabit it.

How do I get rid of this smell? I don't want to taint my first batches.

Despite having huge biceps I can fit my arm all the way to the bottom so I think I'll try with some detergent and a plastic scrubber next.
Steve - That is the way to go. Thank your parents for your scrawny genes - the enable you to clean cornie kegs and will serve you well during the impending food and oil crash.

It may well be that the O-ring stinks of root beer or Pepsi too - sometimes this is all that stinks. Even the longest soak and scrub may not get of this. Buy a new one, or don't worry too much about it. I've not tasted root beer in any of my beers, and I still have keg or two with the root beer O-rings.
Scrawny? Did I not say huge?

This is how I get it in:

LOL, speaking from experience Stu?


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