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Broken Pride - Dan - That's gotta be the name of your next brew when you recover enough to be mashing 'em grains again.

In all seriousness, hope you are on the mend and getting about without too much difficulty.

BTW.....I gotta ask........What the Hell were you doing falling off a pushbike at 3am in the morning???

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"What the Hell were you doing falling off a pushbike at 3am in the morning???"

trying to get home before 4am in the morning maybe ?

Should've called a cab ?
Lol yeh! theres tonnes of names I could use, silly bastard bitter would be quite fitting! First time at the pub in over a year, got a bit thirsty you see! Some lessons were learnt! Dont ride a bike with semi flat tires! If you fall off more than 6 times in 2 minutes don't get back on! Road vs Face is quite unpleasant! If your going over the handle bars, let go of them! Will get a cab next time!

C'mon, I'd say Mrs Dan has had the suace bottle out & dollied you up for a few sympathy picks by the look of it for sure .. where's the plaster cast & stitches ??

Sorry mate, where 's the smiley face buttons gone when you need'em most .. mend up soon, get back on the bike and in the saddle and brewin' too !

cheers, jt
This was at 3.30 am after arriving home! A&E and the pain wasn't till the next day!
You're a legend Dan!!

I do agree the cab may be a better option.

I'm guessing when that pic was taken you'd have been on your way to the fridge to get a homebrew and experience the taste of real beer before nipping off to bed.


Right on!


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