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Ok, so What Are You Brewing was a hotty, as topics go.

Now I'm 15 pints into a keg I only filled on Tuesday and wondering if anyone else has a favourite at the moment ?

It's my second brown with US-Oh05 and it's better than the forst, maybe Ikept the temps down a bit during the scorcher we had in januray

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Three Boys Golden Ale - this time from the tap @ The Free House. I posted about how I wasn't impressed with this from the bottle the other week and several of you wondered what I'd been smoking. Anyway, I'm pleased to report that it was the green bottles fault. This is a fantastic beer when fresh and non-skunky from the keg - displays some nice, subtle Sauvin character, is easy drinking and perfectly refreshing on a hot, windy day like today. Very happy I gave it another try!
Maris Gold on handpump (tomorrow night) http://www.tonicbar.co.nz/#handpump
Cant wait to get reacquainted with an old friend.
Ahhhhh Maris Gold! A beer I've heard a lot about but never tried. It was discontinued just before I got into craft beer. Can't wait!
What the fuck?!
Have they brought it back from the grave? Fantastic news if so. Where can I get some?
It's the latest brewer's reserve Barry, so I guess it may go on at Galbraith's.

Ironically the latest Yeastie Boys beer - Nerdherder, which comes out next week - uses Golden Promise, Cara30 and Crystal 90 + Sauvin, Cascade and Motueka. It's hopping was intended as a little hat tip to Maris Gold and Hopsmacker, with my own Sauvin twist.

I had no idea that MG was coming out.
Nerdherder. As a nerd that tickles my fancy. We getting some of that action up north?
I'm sure Sam will have a chat with Ian and/or Keith. Maybe drop a bottle or two out to Steve too.

There's actually two versions: 'B' and 'D'. The D version is being brewed tomorrow, it is almost exactly the same.
Sounds right up my alley - will any be making it's way to Nelson?
I can't help but picture a Yeastie label with Han Solo and "Scruffy looking Nerdherder" printed at the bottom...
Or just two Wellington "wookies" all bearded up! :)
Screw the beer, I want the pork pie! I haven't had a decent pork pie since I came across to this part of the world! (I'm sure the beer is good to, and eager to try some)
Galbraiths used to do an excellent pork pie, served cold, with mustard. It's vanished. :(


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