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Ok, so What Are You Brewing was a hotty, as topics go.

Now I'm 15 pints into a keg I only filled on Tuesday and wondering if anyone else has a favourite at the moment ?

It's my second brown with US-Oh05 and it's better than the forst, maybe Ikept the temps down a bit during the scorcher we had in januray

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Shit man! That would freak me out with the kids in the car. Glad you're ok. Sorry about the pug!
Heres a pic, excuse me while I go off and cry now :o( lol

What the FUCK!!!
I know bro, I know.. Old tyres been sitting around in a garage for too long or something? Its fucked, but nothing I can do now but hope it gets fixed :o(

Its your typical - get insurance before you drive the car - type story tho eh? :oP
Shit bro! At least you guys are okay, you can always replace a car! Being superstitious i'd say go buy a lotto ticket now.
Oh James how wrong could you be!! you just cant replace your pride in joy!! You might be able to survive with no nuts but would you still feel like a man??, same us a car!!
Nice Mike, however I have been a car enthusiast since being a kid with all Dad's American muscle cars. Unfortunately I've loved and lost three cars and spent and lost too much money when the insurance companies screw your balls to the wall then don't pay out. Currently the car ideas are on hold while I raise a couple of kids and renovate houses, oh and brew beer!
Mike, if you painted some flames on those wheels it would look like the one on Hop Rod Rye... now that would be choice!!:)
Yeah its will have flames!! and yeah it is the same one as one the Hop Rod Rye, its just that ones a 5 window 32 and mines a 3 window!!
Too right mike, even tho the heap of metal can be fixed (hopefully), the hole in my soul from this immense pain wont go away so easily :o( lol - To be fair tho I did spend 4 years getting it going and had it on the road for one day - Fuck!

Overall, im just glad nothing happened to Enzo! I know im lucky for us both to be ok, allthough I dont really feel very luck right now :o(
Yeah, thank God!! especially with the prestigious name of Enzo!! Condolences brother!!
shit happens mate, I feel for you! 4 years fixing and one days driving, that truly sucks!


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